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Modalyst Review in 2024: Best for dropshipping?

E-commerce has grown exponentially over the past decade. It is expected that this growth is stopping nowhere shortly. By 2021, 4.9 billion US dollars will be the valuation of the e-commerce market. Every single person at the present look to buy and sell online. There are many B2C and B2B platforms that are spreading strongly in this aspect of the business like eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc, and these E-commerce stores are already huge names.

Everyone with small or big business setup and manufacturing is looking to go online and sell their products in the online market space. With the increasing use of online space for marketing and business, it has been quite important to support it technologically too. Modalyst is one of such kinds of stuff that comes into the scene when we talk about using technology in E-commerce and how they help to improve the E-commerce zone.

Modalyst is a dropshipping software for E-commerce sites. It automates your connections with the best suitable dropshipping suppliers and also the products to help you sell them online without any hassles and hurdles. This software is always a necessity for E-commerce business houses that are looking to make sustainable progress in this sphere of business efficiently.

Modalyst Review

Modalyst is a brand that helps you to do classic dropshipping. It helps you to connect directly with verified product suppliers who provide you with high-quality products. With Modalyst, you only need to focus on getting customers to your online store to buy your products. With this thing, you have to learn about the market and how to sell the products online to your buyers. This chain can be beneficial to you when there can be a regular flow of the products from your suppliers to your end buyers, where Modalyst takes care of the supplier part of the chain.

Modalyst also takes care of the communication between you and the suppliers. With the help in this part, you can easily communicate with the supplier to get a correct idea regarding the products. Whenever you or your customer place an order it automates your order to the supplier that makes the process simple and hassle-free for you. Modalyst facilitating and automating the process is everything you need to keep your focus on getting customers.

If you are thinking about how much profit you can gain then it depends totally upon your marketing skills and the market you are targeting. If you are good at marketing then there is no limit regarding how much profit you can earn. Try setting up profitable social media campaigns or grow your E-commerce store organically, totally depending upon your wish. You need to check and do the experiment according to your forte.

Modalyst Products

Modalyst has many products that are available on its platform which includes shoes, accessories, furniture, apparel, and many more big and small items. Modalyst is better than many of its competitors when it comes to product and suppliers choices and quality assurance. When other brands try to connect with Ali Express etc, from China as their product suppliers, Modalyst tries to connect you with high-quality suppliers from the USA and Europe. Small basic quality kinds of stuff and ticking those boxes makes Modalyst a highly trustable brand in the E-commerce market.

When you ship with the support of Chinese suppliers you know that the shipping time of 3 weeks to 8 weeks looks like an average shipping duration time for your products to reach the USA or Europe but when you shift the base and look for suppliers in the USA or Europe, you decrease it heavily. Having suppliers from the USA and Europe helps you to save shipping money and time while giving your customers high-quality products. Along with this your customers also do not need to pay customs too. These monetary dents are saved while giving your customers high-quality products at right time.

You need to know that shipping and supplying are taken care of by the supplier and you just need to find customers online and sell the products. It is as simple as that. Modalyst is something on which you can depend upon if you are looking to progress your business in the E-commerce world.

Modalyst is a gold mine for E-commerce sellers who are targeting the USA and Europe. If you provide high-quality products in less time then you decrease the chance of return shipments and chargeback, while giving your customers a huge amount of satisfaction.

Modalyst Pricing Calculator

A pricing calculator helps you set the exact price and show it to your customers looking for the products. Modalyst helps you to set pricing basically via two methods. One method is “Multiplied Markup” and another method is “Added Markup”. In the case of multiplied markup, you can choose the coefficient to be multiplied with the product price to set your pricing. Added markup is simple as you just add the exact amount to the product price and get the result. Modalyst makes your life simple as you can choose to give a discount for bulk orders and also you can have different prices for the different market place. Setting up prices perfectly depends on how much you can extract from your customers without making your products look overpriced. These pricing rules are always helpful to you as a user of Modalyst for your dropshipping E-commerce platform. With these pricing rules, you just need to worry about getting customers and counting your profit.

Modalyst Shipping Prices

Modalyst shipping prices depend on a couple of factors, one of them is the location of your store and another is how far your store is from the warehouse of the supplier. These two factors help you to know how much shipping cost will be added when you buy products for your customers from the suppliers. You can find the shipping location from the shipped from option and see the cost of shipping for each of your items. Even remember that if your client is at a different location then the shipping cost will differ for your client concerning the shipping price for your E-commerce store. Shipping price cannot be a hurdle for you if you target your market place and your profit margin properly.

Modalyst Competitors

Modalyst has Volusion, Spocket, Avasam, Salesource, and quite a few others as its competitors. The major competitor in this sphere is Oberlo. So, we will discuss Modalyst vs Oberlo in our dropshipping brand review here. Modalyst has two paid plans one is a startup plan that is billed 35 US dollars a month and another plan is Pro one that is billed 90 US dollars a month. The free plan is a hobby plan. Both the hobby and startup plan have limited access whereas the pro plan gives you total access to use Modalyst freely. Modalyst asks its suppliers to supply you at a maximum of 60 percent of the price so that you can gain a decent profit. This care is not taken by many other high-quality drop shippers. Therefore, dropshipping products in 2021 can be easy than dropshipping products in 2020.

Modalyst vs Oberlo

As we already know about Modalyst in this article, we can talk exclusively about Oberlo in this part. Oberlo is considered as the superstar dropshipping brand and you can have Oberlo for Wix and Shopify easily. Even you can have Oberlo eBay integration if you want. Having a dropshipping Wix combination is something that is being increasingly preferred nowadays.

Oberlo provides 30 days trial period and its pricing varies from 29.9 US dollars to 79.9 US dollars for its paid plans.

They are quite at finding and importing the product and also managing the inventory that sets them apart from other dropshipping brands. They are already an established name in the dropshipping industry, hence they are a direct and strong competitor of Modalyst.

Modalyst Integration

Modalyst can be easily integrated with Wix, BigCommerce, and Wix. The integration process is very easy and straight forward. Modalyst has a 4.3 rating on Shopify and also has a good rating in Wix and BigCommerce. It is impossible to satisfy everybody, so make sure to read through the negative and positive reviews about Modalyst. This way you can know the problems and benefits to know what to avoid and what to utilize.


Modalyst is already a huge established name in the dropshipping industry. You can know about them from any drop shipper. If you want to get success in the dropshipping business make sure that you are not depending on one service provider, rather try to know the pros and cons of many service providers and choose the one provider that you think is best suited for you. Modalyst has ticked maximum boxes from customer support to easy integration. Their unique approach to finding suppliers in the USA and Europe makes them different from many others who provide this exact service. Their automating process also makes sure that you do get a headache concerning the supply part of the chain. Looking at all the benefits, you can be right if you think Modalyst can be a great option for you.

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