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Mercari Marketplace Review in 2024: Is Mercari Safe for Buyers and Sellers?

The online business marketplaces are new things to stay hooked on all the time. There are so many emerging and well-established marketplaces, who have made immense growth in these last two years. That’s why most marketers are leaning towards such online marketplaces to either buy or sell products to leverage their growth quickly and effectively with high-end strategies.

Mercari marketplace is one of those marketplaces which is winning the digital platform with its unique selling and buying process. Most buyers and sellers are leaning towards buying and selling using the Mercari marketplace with its easy way of dealing with customers and sellers. So are you thinking of trying your hand in buying or selling goods in Mercari place? Then here is a detailed review to help you with that.

What Mercari Marketplace is?

Mercari is a Japan-based online marketplace that lets you buy and sell goods or items using it. Mercari allows you to buy or sell almost anything on this site, making it a large marketplace with a higher chance of making a profit here.

Mercari Marketplace

This Japan-based online marketplace was created by a Japanese entrepreneur Shintaro Yamada in February of 2013, and it was launched as a marketing platform in July that same year. This platform made its outcome as an app for both the iOS and Android devices. With their strategic steps, Mercari managed to go one step ahead with their stepping into the US marketplace in 2014. Since then, the Mercari has crossed the mark of 45 million downloads worldwide, which has made them manage a place in the third position of the app stores.

Benefits of Buying from Mercari

Mercari is one of the best marketplaces for everyone as it comes with its collection for everyone’s needs. The best features and availability of many goods make Mercari stay ahead of the game every time. Here is what comes with Mercari and makes it the best place buying and selling goods:

Easy Signing Up

Along with Mercari, starting is effortless. Mercari comes with an easy sign-up option that lets the buyers or the sellers have a direct entry to the marketplace. Along with your email address or your Facebook account, you can easily create a profile on Mercari to start your new journey with this app. Mercari sends confirmation links to its users to start this journey authentically.

Easy Browsing

The efficiency of the marketplace lies in its easy, user-friendly browsing features. The application of the Mercari comes with simple and multiple categories for browsing so that you can easily look for the specific item you want. Therefore it also displays the popular items on the home page to stay updated with the product trends and its popularity.

Availability of a Large Variety of Essential Goods

Items You can Buy from MercariMercari marketplace gives its buyers the seamless option to choose anything and everything from its window. Here’s what you can buy on Mercari:

  • Women’s apparel: It comes with a large variety of women apparel to make the ladies stay hooked with it in the hunt for beautiful fashion items. A large variety of dresses, shoes, and accessories are available on this site, and that’s too at a very considerably low price range.
  • Men’s essentials: There are great deals for Him also. A variety of men’s clothing items are available on the Mercari marketplace to give you better options every time with a large number of stocks. The impressive list of men’s clothing is attractive and cheap to suit all budgets and needs.
  • Best deal for the kids: The kid’s section is way more attractive than any other popular market places. The Kids section of the Mercari marketplace is stuffed with diverse collections that are perfect for doing a little bit more shopping. What is going to make your stay more hooked on to it is the plenty of attractive items available at a considerably low price range.
  • A multitude of handbags: A large variety of bags are available on the Mercari market place. And that too comes with a 70% or lower range than a regular retailer. A variety of options with various styles and brands are available at a great deal, which makes it an ample place for bag lovers to flock around.
  • Tech items: The electronic section comes stuffed with plenty of collections for the gadgets. Compared to many of the market places they come with multiple ranges of affordable devices, which makes it a tempting marketplace for the gadget freaks.
  • Kitchen essentials: The Mercari marketplace is a note-worthy platform for household items. There are multiple kitchen items and dining items are available at the Mercari, which makes it a great place to flock around if you want to gear up your kitchen with the best items.

Easy Searching for the Specific Items

Mercari marketplace is worth the appreciation as it comes with an easy feature or specific searches. You can easily go with the specific search for the item you are looking for, and Mercari is going to bring that in front of your eyes in no time. Therefore it is best for the user -impressive shopping.

Interesting Liking Feature

Moreover, you can like any item shown on the window on the Mercari market place so that you can easily list it into your favorite items to shop it later. Mercari comes with a like button in the shape of a heart at the top corner of every product photo.

How to Buy on the Mercari Marketplace?

Buying anything on the Mercari marketplace is nothing difficult. Following some of the few simple steps, you can quickly start your journey as a buyer in this Market place. Here  is how you can do it step by step:

Step 1: Browse through the items that you want to purchase. You can use multiple filters to cut down the long searches to get the exact product you are looking for. There are filters for price, color, brand, size, and other types that you can apply to make your searching easier.

Step 2: Once you get your product, press the buy button to process further.

Step 3: Complete the payment process with your preferred payment type. You can either pay online or through a credit card or debit card. Or you can also opt for the COD option for your convenience.

Step 4: Once the purchase is approved, all you need to do is wait for your parcel to get delivered. Mercari tries to deliver the package within 3 days of placing the order.

Step 5: Once you have received your parcel, you need to rate the seller and the item to share your shopping experience with Mercari and the seller.

Step 6: If you are not satisfied with the product you have received, then you can easily opt for the return or refund process within three days of receiving the delivery.

Pros and Cons of Buying on Mercari?

Here are the pros and cons of shopping on Mercari that you should know to get the best deals for your purchase:


  • Cheap rate of the items
  • Easy categorizing of product
  • Easy to find an extensive collection of products
  • Unlimited offers
  • Cheap shipping rate
  • Robust quick responsive customer support
  • Easy tracking of offer


  • Customer support team responses through texting only
  • No filter for highest to lowest price range listing

Benefits of Selling on Mercari

If you are thinking of why to choose Mercari for selling, then here are the legitimate reasons that are convincing enough to opt for selling on Mercari. Here are the benefits:

Ease of Using

Selling on Mercari secures the users with the ease of selling items on this marketplace. It does not take any extra skills or tricks to sell on here. Any new buyer can come and start earning a thick amount of money.

Getting Connected with a Broad Customer Range

Mercari is a top-rated platform worldwide; that’s why it’s an ample place to target a broad range of audiences if you are thinking of doing something big. By starting to sell on Mercari, you will unleash 40 million users who use this app regularly.

Easy Operating Online

There is no need to indulge in any meet-ups or physical dealing. All you need to do is go to the Mercari Marketplace and start your selling with a few simple steps.

Great Profit Scale

Mercari marketplace gives you access to a wide range of customer scale. If you can scale your selling with good deals and pricing, then making a significant profit is no more a difficult task.

How do You Sell on the Mercari Marketplace?

How do You Sell on MercariSelling on Mercari is as easy as buying as you need to follow a few simple steps to start a new journey in online business easily. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Start with taking the snaps of your product. You need to create a great impression on your buyers. That’s why make sure that the images are clear and attractive.

Step 2: Write a brief description of the product you want to sell on Mercari. Try to cover all the details of the product in the description so that your customer can get a clear overview of your item, convincing enough to make the purchase.

Step 3: Place your item in a specific category to let the users find your items quickly.

Step 4: Enter your brand and condition to add more ease to the process.

Step 5: To make the shipping process accurate, you need to enter your Zip code. This will help you make your shipping more accurate so that you can make your calculations much easier during the transaction.

Step 6: Set your price on the Mercari marketplace.

Step 7: Once your items are purchased, Mercari will provide you with an electronic packing and shipping label. And Mercari does not charge for it.

Step 8: Print the label and pack your item, and ship it to send it to your customers.

Step 9: You will receive your payment from Mercari once the buyers have rated the transaction after receiving the item.

Step 10: Get ready to receive your payment.

Pros and Cons of Selling on Mercari

Here are the benefits and drawbacks that Mercari comes with when you go for selling on this platform:


  • The lower amount of seller fees
  • Wide customer access
  • Easy categorizing
  • Proper seller’s safety
  • Flexible shipping for convenience


  • Slow selling rate
  • The dashboard is not that convenient

Pricing on Mercari

Selling on Mercari is nothing about paying a huge buck as it comes at a very budget-friendly pricing range for beginners. Marcari charges a 10% fee from each of the sales. There is no need for any initial charging. Also, it comes with a $2 fee for those who want to get provided with a $10 less or direct payment for deposit. If you wish to get paid instantly, then Mercari is going to charge you instantly.

Mercari does not charge for the shipping; it’s the buyers who pay for it. Mercari provides an electronic shipping label to its sellers free of cost. However, sellers can also do it on their own.

Items to Sell on Mercari

You can sell anything and everything on Mercari. From clothing, bags to electronics, Mercari allows you to sell anything here. However, the only guidelines the sellers have to maintain are that the products’ photos and their descriptions should be clear and detailed.

Items Not to Sell on Mercari

You cannot sell any illegal items like drugs, alcohol, firearms, weapons, or anything on the Mercari marketplace. Also, Mercari does not allow to share or sell any personal data through this platform.

How Mercari Protects its Sellers?

Mercari comes with all the possible means to protect its sellers. They offer a seller payment guarantee. With this, they assure you that if you have delivered the product properly, you will get your payment. Also, there is shipping protection for the sellers. An insurance of $200 comes with every product in case of any damage, loss, or transit of the product.


With the growing interest of users in online marketing, it has started opening many scopes for the sellers who want to go digital with their selling. Opting for selling on Mercari at this time is the best decision that you can make. On the other hand, buyers are protected with easy shipping and convenient delivery of the products to shopping from a huge variety of products in different categories. Therefore Mercari also gives $10 to new sign-ups if you open an account with a referral code. So what about starting your new journey with Mercari?

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