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MeatEater hires new CEO to reach its $100M in revenue target

If you have never heard of MeatEater then it might also tell us that you don’t watch Netflix because it is one of the most hit shows on the platform since a long time. This is also the reason why MeatEater as a company became famous. The company did a very different branding exercise in 2012 when it launched its first TV show on Netflix which was something no one had even thought of before that time. When the show launched, everyone started to know more about the brand and the outdoor and hunting brand went mainstream in a very short span of time.

It is worth noting that the majority of sales from MeatEater come from commerce sales via the different brands it has acquired and also its own e-commerce store and in-person retail stores as well. Despite all these different avenues, MeatEater has been profitable every year since 2019 and during the pandemic as well which tells you about the successful business they are running. It is to be noted that they have just hired a new CEO and want to clock $100M in revenue. Axios reports that “The company’s online e-commerce platform, The MeatEater Store, today sells over 700 partner and specialty products”.

Also, Axios reports that “A focus on commerce has shielded MeatEater from the ad market slowdown following the pandemic, although it does still make money from ads sold alongside its podcasts and its videos on YouTube and other free streaming platforms”. MeatEater has a network of 10 podcasts, including one hosted by Rinella. “We’ve doubled podcast revenue going into this year,” Rinella said. MeatEater’s founder Steven Rinella said, they “would anticipate that there will be a need in the future for further capital to continue to execute on our [growth] plan.”

MeatEater’s new CEO Bergsman says that he’s “eager to start placing more of MeatEater’s content on more video platforms”. They also revealed that MeatEater’s hit Netflix show’s rights are “owned by the company — its IP and its library,” which means they can distribute it wherever they want and take the opportunity to monetize it even more while expanding its reach.

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