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Long Story Short is a $1000-per-month luxury shopping startup

It is obvious that there are buyers and then there are sellers for the same product and as funny as it sounds, we are going to introduce to you an e-commerce store named Long Story Short which wants you to pay a $1000-per-month subscription fee in order to just use the platform and shop from there. LongStoryShort’s Einhorn says that “Number one, we’re recommending you items — you can see items that you probably didn’t know about that you can get involved in. And then, number two, let us get the best possible price, rather than just logging on somewhere everybody is being drawn into the same kind of marked-up overpriced item”. He adds, “What we hope is that by having this collective buying power of serious spenders — like serious shoppers — that we as a group will unlock better terms for everybody,”

TechCrunch reports that “At Long Story Short, the private shopping club takes a different approach than other shopping sites. In addition to simply needing to have the funds to pay its $1,000 per month fee, potential customers must apply for acceptance. Once in, the customers can shop from the site’s 50,000 hand-selected luxury products, spanning categories like home décor, luxury apparel, art, cards, jewelry, watches, gadgets, and more, or they can request the LSS (Long Story Short) team to procure items on their behalf”.

The report also adds that “The value proposition — if such a word can be used for such a costly service — is that LSS will manage the transaction on the customer’s behalf. That means negotiating with vendors and sellers, acquiring the item, then inspecting and verifying the item for authenticity, before shipping it to the buyer. This allows the customer’s transactions to remain anonymous to the seller — something that’s prized among high-net-worth individuals due to the security risks involved with having their name, address, or phone number compromised”. Talking about his target customers, Einhorn says that “Despite the state of the larger economy, rich people remain rich, meaning the startup already has a handful of customers signed up even ahead of today’s launch, including “executives at our favorite companies, athletes, entertainers, and people in technology,”

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