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Lazada, e-commerce platform owned by Alibaba, sees ‘unprecedented demand’ in Singapore

It is known that Alibaba is one of the biggest firms in China and its reach is not just limited to the Aliexpress shopping portal. Because there are several other platforms which are either owned or Alibaba has invested in. One of these e-commerce platforms is called Lazada and it is quite famous in many parts of the world such as Indonesia and Singapore. Now, you will also be aware of the spread of Coronavirus in parts of South East Asia such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea.

Therefore, it is seen that online sales and delivery will rise in these parts of the world too. And while we say this, a new report has arrived from Singapore which is from Lazada. The company says that they are seeing “unprecedented demand” in Singapore on their platform. This demand is particularly regarding online grocery delivery and it is quite obvious too. Since people are afraid of going outside to buy grocery and other items, most of them are starting to order online and this increases the demand.

Now, the grocery arm of Lazada is named as RedMart and it has revealed that the demand has been unprecedented even after the brief period of panic-buying due to the virus outbreak. Also, an express delivery company named Ninja Van also says that its deliveries have tripled in February and most of them include pharmacy and health category products.

As for the spread of the virus in Singapore, we have reports of 96 confirmed cases in the country and it is great to reveal that 66 of those patients have already been discharged.

Lazada Singapore’s CEO says that shoppers “have been buying 4 to 10 times more food staples, 3.5 to 5 times more paper products, and 2 to 6 times more personal care and household cleaning supplies,” which is why the demand is much higher.

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