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Interview with Evan Gappelberg from NexTech AR

Evan Gappelberg NexTech AR

Team eCommerce Next interviewed Evan Gappelberg from NexTech AR to get more insights on Ecommerce companies using AR/VR and the Metaverse to help expand their business and how NexTech AR is helping them. Following is our interview with him:

How does NexTech AR work with Ecommerce companies?

Nextech AR is the gateway to the Metaverse for Ecommerce businesses. Using breakthrough AI, Nextech AR is the only company able to quickly, easily and affordably ARitize (transform) vast quantities and varieties of products at scale ready for interactive 3D use and Augmented Reality visualizations. Ecommerce brands can create immersive, interactive and the most photo-realistic 3D assets and digital environments, compose AR experiences, and publish them omnichannel. Nextech AR’s solutions for Ecommerce are end-to-end, the most affordable, frictionless, and scalable (speed, quality and lowest implementation effort)

What is the Metaverse? Why do Ecommerce companies need to know about it? What should they expect?

The metaverse is the convergence of our physical and digital lives. In essence, it is the new internet – enhanced to deliver 3D content, spatially organized information, and experiences. The metaverse is the future of connectivity and will generate new revenue and engage people in valuable, innovative ways. Ecommerce companies should expect digital transformation in the way business is transacted online.

See all the different things you can do with a 3D/AR Model – watch video

What Ecommerce categories stand to benefit the most from the Metaverse? Why?

All physical products stand to benefit, as all physical products can be represented and experienced digitally in the Metaverse!

What is the first step Ecommerce companies need to make to enter the Metaverse?

The first step is to create digital replicas (3D models) of product catalogues. Once created, the digital assets can be used for a plethora of use cases- from 3D/AR visualizations on Ecommerce product display pages and product configurators that personalize the customer shopping experience to dropping the 3D models as NFTs in immersive spatial maps at physical stores or virtual worlds

How does NextTech AR help brands prepare for the Metaverse?

The metaverse needs to be populated by content and locations. Nextech AR is the content creation factory for the metaverse.

ARitize 3D is Nextech’s proprietary platform for automated 3D model creation. Nextech also provides spatial mapping technology as part of its platform that creates interoperable and scalable 3D environments. The fusion of digital content and environments powered by AI are the necessary ingredients required for brands to prepare for the metaverse and the Nextech platform is the interoperable, one-stop-shop solution.

See a few Metaverses created by Nextech using spatial mapping technology and 3D/AR content:

City of London Metaverse

Ryerson University Metaverse

What kind of benefits will consumers see from the metaverse when it comes to Ecommerce?

Consumers will see immense benefits from the Metaverse, as they will be able to interact with 3D models (product offerings) and experience AR/VR product visualizations within digital spaces. They will experience a more seamless, engaging experience that will remove friction from the shopping journey.

They Metaverse will transform ecommerce from static product images and catalogs into real-time immersive experiences that enable consumers to “walk” around a store or browse a showroom from the comfort of their home, enjoying 3D rendered displays in both AR/VR.

  • They could preview how a piece of clothing or an accessory (eg glasses) would look
  • They could design an interior using 3D/AR models and see how home furnishings would look within a desired location – view here
  • They could see products in their space so they can “try before they buy”, ultimately reducing the inconvenience and hassle of returns

What does NextTech AR’s recent Shopify integration mean? What does NextTech AR bring to those on Shopify’s platform?

The integration with Shopify is through the implementation of an App in the Shopify App store, which is available to all Shopify merchants. See the ARitize 3D Shopify app – click here

With this App going live, Nextech’s ARitize 3D SaaS offering for ecommerce, extends 3D model creation capabilities to all Shopify merchants.

ARitize 3D is a one-stop-shop AR solution with automated 3D model creation at an unbeatable price. Nextech’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) will turn Shopify merchants’ existing 2D product images into high-quality 3D and Augmented Reality experiences. It’s fast, it’s easy and it will transform Shopify websites.

Any merchant can create 3D/AR models images in a few simple steps! Watch demo video – click here

Nextech brings to this platform the opportunity for small, medium, and large ecommerce sites on Shopify to create high quality 3D/AR models at an affordable price point, and the opportunity to increase conversions and sales while reducing returns, all through engaging 3D and AR activation shopping experiences. Shopify Data shows that AR can increase conversions up to 94% while reducing returns by 40%

About Evan Gappelberg

Mr. Gappelberg is an accomplished entrepreneur with an expertise in creating, funding and running start-ups, as well as extensive experience both as a hands-on operating executive and as a public markets professional.  

From 2000 to 2005, Mr. Gappelberg was the co-founder and CEO of EG Products where he funded, patented, imported and distributed the market’s first LED light-up toy. He secured license deals from Disney, Universal Studios, Clear Channel Communication and built a national sales channel, setting the foundation to land contracts with Walgreen’s, Macy’s, and live event shows like Ringling Bros.   

He was also co-founder and CEO of an app development company which created and published over 200 successful apps for both Apples iTunes store and the Google Play store. Prior to being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Gappelberg worked on Wall Street and has more than 20 years of extensive experience as both a hedge fund manager and Senior Vice President of Finance. 

About NexTech AR

Nextech AR Solutions is a Metaverse company that develops and operates augmented reality (“AR”) platforms, transporting three-dimensional (“3D”) product visualizations, human holograms, and 360° portals to its audiences’ altering e-commerce, digital advertising, hybrid virtual events (events held in a digital format blended with in-person attendance) and learning and training experiences. Nextech focuses on developing AR solutions for the Metaverse, however, most of the Company’s revenues are derived from three e-Commerce platforms: vacuumcleanermarket.com (“VCM”), infinitepetlife.com (“IPL”), and Trulyfesupplements.com (“TruLyfe”). VCM and product sales of residential vacuums,supplies, and parts, and small home appliances sold on Amazon.