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Interview with Agneta Jakab from Flipsnack

Team eCommerce Next interviewed Agneta Jakab from Flipsnack to get more insights on digital publishing platforms used by ecommerce retailers. Following is our interview with her:

Tell us about the genesis of Flipsnack

Flipsnack started 10 years ago. Our initial focus was developing web tools to help small business owners and site publishers create interactive content designed to enrich websites. Most of our customers were seeking a solution that would enable them to display their PDF catalogs on their websites in an interactive way.

To meet this growing demand, we created a platform that allowed publishers to transform static PDFs into page flip publications, and it was a hit right from the start.

What makes Flipsnack a valuable tool for e-commerce and retail?

With Flipsnack, retailers can simply upload catalogs on Flipsnack, and incorporate interactive elements that bring the page come to life, including videos, slideshows and product tags that link from the catalog to the site where they can be purchased. You’ll also be able to track results and monitor the effectiveness of your catalog promotion. With a basic PDF or a printed one you can’t do this easily, but with Flipsnack you can.

Why is Flipsnack unique from other digital publishing platforms used by ecommerce retailers?

Flipsnack takes interactivity to the next level, and we’re constantly improving on this aspect. We’re focused on providing the best services we can, so we’re actively listening to our customers and what they need. Our focus for 2022 is the retail industry, so we’re very excited about new functionalities and integrations that will make Flipsnack stand out even more.

How does Flipsnack help its clients both large and small navigate the ecommerce publishing process?

Our intuitive interface makes publishing as easy as possible. You don’t need advanced tech skills to publish a catalog or to make it interactive. For small retailers who might not have an in-house design team, we have ready-made templates that simplify the creation process.

Flipsnack also meets the demands of global businesses with branding capabilities, analytics, integrations and automation, along with personalized support and recommendations.

Could you share some examples of your favorite Flipsnack ecommerce projects and share why they are your favorites?

Some of our favorite projects are integrations and automation. We want to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to add products to their cart/wishlist directly within the catalog and to proceed to checkout with a full list of products imported from the catalog. 

Here’s a video example of how our clients who use Shopify can take advantage of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrmU9CbtHaI

Another project that we’re excited about is automation to make catalog production as easy as possible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U-nEyBMXh8

What are the newest tools available to ecommerce vendors and retailers on the platform?

Our newest releases include the photo slideshow, popup frame integration and Google Tag Manager (GTM integration). With the photo slideshow you can display multiple photos, highlight multiple product variations, or present a product from different angles. The popup frame is a dynamic way to integrate third party content in the catalog, and it can be used for order forms, interactive product presentations and a wide variety of other types of content. The GTM is another way e-commerce retailers can integrate custom tracking codes and other types of codes inside the flipbook player.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing ecommerce marketing? (How does Flipsnack solve these challenges?)

Probably the biggest challenge for online retailers is how busy the markets are, and how many options consumers have. It’s more difficult to stand out on the market than it was five or 10 years ago. There are some marketing tactics that most vendors are employing, like paid ad campaigns, social media and optimization of the site content. With Flipsnack you can create exciting interactive content that drives engagement, and it can be a vital way to differentiate your strategy from that of your competitors.

What are some of the biggest trends on the horizon for 2022 and beyond?

Video content is on the rise. Consumers love to see how the products look or how they work, watch unpacking videos, or video testimonials, because the format is richer than just images. Interactivity goes beyond video, though. Online try-on tools are also becoming popular and retailers are trying to highlight product features in a more interactive way. User generated content is also more and more widely used by brands because it adds that authenticity layer. In addition to these trends, online retailers are also more and more focused on privacy and security, and will choose their vendor partners based on strict criteria.

What plans does Flipsnack have for the future of ecommerce marketing and digital publishing?

We’re big on interactivity and integrations. These are some big areas of interest for us and for our clients, so we’re making sure we provide retailers with all the tools they need to create catalogs that will attract the attention of the consumer and help them sell products as easily as possible.

About Agneta Jakab

I’m a Business Development Specialist at Flipsnack with experience in inbound sales and account management. I believe that working in this amazing and constantly evolving industry made me commit to being a lifelong learner. As a Psychology graduate, I am always curious about human behavior, how we form connections and make our decisions. My focus is always on the client’s needs, having authentic conversations, and identifying the best solution for them.

About Flipsnack

Flipsnack is an online publishing tool that makes it easy for anyone to publish content on the web in the form of an interactive, page flip catalog.


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