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Inter & Co, Brazilian Super Apps listed on Nasdaq

Super apps are emerging solutions for banking and any other kind of investment. Moreover, Brazilian super apps are no way behind in facilitating multi-utility features.

The inter-app is available everywhere today. The single-screen offering of microservices in one place is time-saving. It is getting more advanced, refreshed, and refined every second. The main secret behind these Super Apps is the secret technology.

Super Apps today offers something for everyone. It is beyond any specific age group. From the older generation to the younger, everyone can use it.

These apps build a pyramid of reactions. The broader the base, the more advanced the services get.

To take an example, it allows the user to buy a chair to transfer money online. All of it can be just done from one app.

When it comes to listing, Inter & Co. has listed the shares on Nasdaq Stock Market. So it was the right time to list the shares on Nasdaq. The market is volatile, but the surge in demand will boost the share prices.

João Vitor Menin, CEO at Inter&Co, stated, “We can do a follow-on to raise more equity — if we want, but we don’t need to. That’s how comfortable we are in our ability to keep growing our business despite the macro-environment…

It’s a good transition — and it’s exciting to be able to put these two things together at the same time.”

Menin also said that the investors abroad are pretty firm with their decision. It was one of the great attempts to build holdings.

The company is focusing on pyramid offering core banking services. The cross-border offering in the states is an enthusiastic attempt to expand the relationship.

The company saw many positive responses and then took this path of monetization. The banking entity listed in the U.S will help them with a better loan portfolio. The company believes in serving the consumer with an interactive platform.


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