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India’s e-commerce sales reach Rs 29,000 Cr in GMV in first four days: Report

We know that e-commerce sales all over the world have been trending since a long time now and it is observed that most of the people around the world wait for the sale season in order to make their purchases so that they can get the heaviest of discounts on their products as long as they don’t need something urgently. Due to this reason, it is observed that the sales season numbers reach a staggeringly high number. It is also worth noting that every country in the world will have their sale seasons at different times of the year but they are generally in the second half of the year all over.

Recently, we saw that the sale season in India started because the biggest festival for Indian Hindus is Navratri followed by Diwali which is just a few days away from now. This is the reason why sale season has started so as to make people purchase whatever they want on discounted rates which includes clothes, shoes, electronics and other things. it is reported that e-commerce platforms “saw a 10X increase in sales compared to business as usual, while Day 1 saw more than 7X increase in sales compared to non-sale days. Overall, during the first four days of the festive season sale this year, daily sales were on average ~6X more than business as usual in 2023”, according to Redseer.

In the report, it is also mentioned that “Online shoppers took advantage of the ‘Pre-book/Price lock’ feature, an industry-first feature, which enables users could lock in the prices for high-value products, even before the festive sale started”. Redseer also commented that “Premiumisation as a theme is clearly being seen in this festive season as consumer discretionary spending in high ticket categories has done well. Further, the steady growth in overall sales and high ASP categories reinforces the belief in the strength of the Indian consumption story.” They also mentioned that “these are initial findings from the start of the festive month and Redseer is closely looking at the emerging trends from the rest of the festive month to draw stronger conclusions on how consumption is evolving”

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