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Incorrect billing wreak havoc for digital payments

With fewer customers reading the fine print, incorrect billing brings havoc for digital payments. The customers paying not much attention to the instruction is the main cause for this. They must enter the details exactly the way it is in the billing statement.

Incorrect billing results in the drop of payments to the paper. Rebecca Anthony is the business leader for Catch. She addresses this issue, stating,” Customers are going on there, and they’re entering whatever they feel is necessary, assuming their payment’s going to make it to the right destination, not caring whether it’s going electronic or paper.”

The payment drop to paper disturbs the cash flow for the biller. It increases the time for the payment to post. The customers end up going through a lot of trouble. It often leaves them wondering where the funds have gone. It makes them uncomfortable who to call and to get an answer.

The digital payment ecosystem gets affected greatly. For the billing to go smoothly, they must match three criteria. The account masking, the alias, and the address define correct billing.

The incorrect account number is what affects the billing greatly. Billers often set up their profile wanting only five or six-digit masking. If the profile accepts “wildcard masking, the payment would be processed electronically.

Billers are moving to paper checks every month due to incorrect criteria. It becomes a heavy task for the manual process for the staff. Staffers will have to look at checks and detect incorrect information.

The integrated machine learning directly sends such payments to an exception queue. It gives the biller a chance to look and key in the correct account number. It usually occurs with an invalid account.

Anthony suggests the change inflow to increase the cash flow. He advises looking at the invoices to see what they are paying to process paper. It is in comparison to the electronic feed.

And, also look for the cost of having customer service representatives. These two things will alleviate the process.


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