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In the world of going digital, Gorillas plan to bring e-grocery with fast eco-friendly delivery

With the world turning to digital platforms for shopping their everyday needs, online grocery is no different. In recent months, numerous changes are taking place in the industry on e-grocery. Instacart is making makes to prepare for its public listing, restaurant delivery services are taking interest in grocery, and venture capitalists (VCs) are raining millions of dollars into this business around the world. Observing a huge incline in the number of consumers adopting online grocery solutions, there are available a number of options, and e-grocers are challenged to find a way to stand out in the crowded space.

“In the years leading up to and during the pandemic, there was a ton of growth and investment in the space. Now, demand is greater than ever for giving customers access to their immediate needs,” Ashwin Wadekar, chief of staff at online grocery delivery eTailer Gorillas mentioned in an interview. “What began as an early adopter trend pre-pandemic and suddenly became a necessity as lockdowns hit has now turned into something that consumers see as customary when it comes to their grocery shopping experience.”

The grocery delivery service, which manages to deliver groceries within 10 minutes, launched in the United States in late spring in select neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. This market joins the dozens of cities in which Gorillas operates across Germany, the Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom. The company uses “micro warehouses” in the neighborhoods it serves, and unlike many popular grocery delivery services that use self-employed gig workers, Gorillas employs full-time staff or part-time W2 workers paid hourly. VCs are taking an interest — as of May, the company was looking to raise about $500 million at a $6 billion valuation.

Gorillas’ riders transport orders via eBike. The main reason for opting for this kind of transportation system that the company’s CEO and co-founder, Kağan Sümer, was an “avid cyclist,” and Sümer attributes his “highly driven mentality” to this activity.

Gorillas take into account two main factors here: freshness and demand. For produce, Wadekar said, the company takes a “fresh, farm-to-table approach.” The company also “prioritizes partnerships with diverse, local businesses.” Furthermore, the company always tends to keep in mind what is in demand which they manage to do by keeping the customers in a constant loop of feedback and tracking their requirements.

“Consumers won’t want to relinquish the convenience and efficiency of online grocery delivery,” said Wadekar, “because the level of flexibility and empowerment opens a lot of doors for how they can more productively spend their time, which will lead to even more grocery-delivery demand.”

Sanna Sharma
Sanna Sharma
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