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Importance of Customer Reviews in E-Commerce

You must have seen that there is a lot of talk about how e-commerce is changing the world and how we, as consumers of the products that are sold, are also shifting our habits with the changing times.

For example, we used to shop at our local grocery stores for our fruits and vegetables earlier but now that people want and have convenience, you can just order your grocery online and it can be delivered within 10 minutes at your doorsteps which means you don’t have to step out.

Apart from that, we have seen that e-commerce has already emerged as the next big thing after shopping malls and this is the reason why a lot of emphasis has been given to this sector by major companies led by Amazon.

Having said that, there is one thing that every e-commerce player should keep in mind while listing their products online and those are customer reviews.

If you think that customer reviews on your products are not important, think again because I feel that they are the most important aspect of a product listed online.

When we used to shop offline, we used to take recommendations from our friends and family as to which store is better and which product gives you better results and they told us exactly what we need to do based on their own experience.

This is exactly the case with customer reviews on e-commerce because they are also writing their reviews based on their own experience of using the product.

Importance of Customer Reviews

Have you ever visited Amazon or BestBuy and seen the products and immediately saw its ratings? Well, we have all done the same and it is quite important as well. You must check online ratings of the products and even read the customer reviews before finalizing a product.

If you are more into researching products, you can even look at the same product on YouTube and see if people have already used the same product and what they have to say about it.

Personally speaking, I get discouraged if a product has very low ratings or if it has less than 3 stars because that tells you that the product is not good or maybe it is sold quite less.

How to encourage customers to give reviews

While we did mention above that customer reviews are important in making the buying decision, it is also one part of the story because we have seen that people are not encouraged to write their own reviews of the products.

There should be a focus put on enticing the customers to put their reviews online because of the fact that it will encourage others to buy your products over others.

How to handle bad customer reviews

It has been noticed that one reason why sellers don’t encourage users to put up their reviews is due to the fear of bad customer reviews.

However, we say that bad customer reviews are also needed to keep the balance between good and bad reviews which tells the customers about drawbacks of the product they faced.

Also, it is important for the sellers to handle the bad customer reviews with grace as much as they do with the good customer reviews. This gives the customers trust that the seller listens to them and will try and improve the future version of this product.

Customer reviews are an important aspect of any business, and the poker industry is no exception. In fact, customer reviews can be especially important in the world of poker, where trust and reputation are crucial.

Reviews from other players can give potential customers insight into the quality of a poker room, including factors such as the fairness of the games, the professionalism of the staff, and the overall atmosphere of the room. Reviews can also help players avoid poker rooms with a poor reputation or a history of unethical behavior.


In this article, we have mentioned everything about customers reviews regarding why they are important while making a purchase decision as well as how sellers can encourage buyers to write their reviews along with the handling of bad customer reviews.

Just make sure to nail the customer review portion of your e-commerce game and you are all set to dominate the market because it is one of the most important aspects that is often overlooked. 

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Alf Alferez
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