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How to Sell on Wish Marketplace in 2023 (Complete Guide)

Do you wish to sell? Then sell on Wish. It is way too simple. Ok, so let’s get in-depth about it. Wish is an online marketplace, which works like an e-commerce platform, where you can buy and sell anything. It is working as an active marketplace in over 80 countries with 300 million consumers. The statistic shows how much profit it is to start selling in Wish.

Almost 1 million registered merchants have found their way of making a profit with, so giving it a try won’t be a bad idea at all for any seller. Now the question is how to sell on Wish marketplace? Well, the answers are quite easy. Here is a complete guide on how you can do it. So let’s have a look at them:

How to Sell on

Selling on is not at all a difficult task. All you need to do is, follow the right processes to get your registration done as a seller so that you can go on selling with a huge buck of profit. Following are the ways how you can easily register in the Wish marketplace:

Step 1: Go to the registration page of the Wish Merchant account.

Step 2: Now you need to input your store name. It’s recommended to put something unique to attract more sales with impressions.

Step 3: Enter your email address and select the country of your shop.

Step 4: Fill in all the required information like phone number, address, etc. in the required field.

Step 5: Click on the create button to create your store.

Step 6: Verify your account using the email address to confirm it.

Step 7: Complete the setup by providing additional information needed to create your store.

Step 8: Assign the relevant categories to upload your products.

Step 9: Now you need to input your payment information to choose your desired payment types.

Step 10: Accept the term and conditions page provided by Wish, and your store, along with products, will be live once they are approved.

Isn’t it easy? However, you need to keep a note of your marketing strategy and hold patients to get your store score well in the marketplace.

How to Stay Updated with the Sales Strategy on the Wish Marketplace?

Wish MarketplaceThe problem is not yet solved with knowing the answer of how to sell on Wish. Once your store and products are live on the e-commerce site, you need to keep boosting your sales to keep the flow with the marketing. Here is how you can do it rightly to always stay ahead even if you are a newcomer.

It’s Always Beneficial to Target A Suitable Market for Your Store

The market place which is suitable for your goods plays the most important role in setting your strategy. Finding the right market helps you to get more profit if you know how to use it properly. The approach for the right market place ensures that you get the right potential customer and get to know about their needs and expectations. Also, the answers become clear about how your product can benefit them so that you can put strength on the evaluation and modification of the quality of your products.

And the popularity behind the Wish marketplace works well because it was able to target the right market place while understanding the need for discounts in the e-commerce world. Just like that, you need to learn about your target marketplace to leverage the motion of your selling strategies.

Set The Right Pricing to Get the Best of Profit

This one is related to knowing your market. You need to stay in the market price of every product that you sell. The unique selling proposition of Wish is their reasonable price rate, which attracts customers to come back again and again. Setting your price too high is going to create a negative impact on the minds of your target customers. They are eventually going to get scared away at the view of a high price. Also, setting the price too low is not going to get any signs of profit.

Wish’s marketplace is specifically created on the structure of low-price so that they can conveniently interact with more customers. So set a price that goes with Wish standards. Another interest in drawing the attention of more customers is the inclusion of exciting offers and discounts. As Wish is a marketplace with a low-price rate, it’s hard to draw profit with one sale. That’s why you need to draw many sales with a strong strategy build-up through exciting offers and discounts. Pushing your sales in this way will surely help you to stay ahead with the competitive market.

Project an Organized Selling with Properly Arranged Products

Your shop design matters a lot in drawing sales to your store. If your store is not well organized and well designed, it is not going to be able. Presentation matters a lot in building trust between your clients and customers. Mistakes like the hard-to-read fonts, confusing details, not-so-clear navigation, imbalanced text, and visuals look bad and unimpressive.

A transparent presentation of your products, beautifully designed web, and clear visuals of your product is easily going to leverage your sales. It will easily draw visitors with your easy to find products and going to impress your potential customers to shop with you.

Reward Your Customers

Focusing on building the customer’s loyalty is the most effective way to retain customers for the next sale. Customers love to get rewards. Rewarding the customer is beneficial for both the consumer and the sellers. As loyal customers who opt for regular shopping from your store, and big-spenders who spend a lot are the customers whom you need to give special attention to retain them. Giving discounts, gifts, or free shopping using your point-based plan and your currency will both look after your profit and energize your customers to spend more.

Focus on Impulse Buying

Targeting the market of impulse buying is much beneficial. It is an easier way to boost your sales as the impulse products are one of a kind that the customers are going to purchase faster. Having a complete study on what kind of products people like most is going to give you a complete idea of what to sell and whatnot.

For a low-price eCommerce platform like Wish, the customers are more likely to seek sales rather than finding a particular product. So your huge collection of impulsive products are easily going to create an impact on the mind of the shopper, which will lead them to end up with making a purchase.

What More do You Need to Know About the Wish Marketplace?

Before opting for selling on the Wish marketplace, it’s important to know entirely about so that you can stay on the beneficial side all the time.

Guides to Price Your Items:

While pricing your items, you need to know a few things. Here’s how you can price your items on Wish.

  • Have a complete study on the competition charge. Research through browsing Wish and other marketplaces to know how your competitors are pricing similar products.
  • Take note of your costs. You can’t forget about the profit meeting margin yours while setting a reasonable price for your customers. Review your entire cost to set the right price suitable for you.
  • Focus on how much your buyers are willing to pay for the products you are selling. Knowing the preference of your customer is going to help you in staying connected and ahead of competitors with the price range.

How to Generate More Traffic to Your Store?

Your job does not come to an end with registration and product enlisting. How to sell on Wish also includes how you can bring more traffic to your store. Here’s what you can do about it:

  • Get the most idea about pricing and complete selling propositions on the Wish marketplace. Have a complete study on the other competitive stores present there to know about the place more precisely.
  • Your business plan should have a well strategic construction. Develop a comprehensive plan with proper sales ideas, expenses, and profit goals.
  • Focus on the SEO friendly listings and detailing along with high-quality images of your product. It will add more speed to the search results through the keywords and better presentation.
  • The shipping of your store matters a lot in providing a user-friendly experience. Comparing a range of quotes with other shipping carriers is going to give you a complete idea of how your profits should be.

How to Organize Your Shipping on Wish?

Shipping on WishShipping the Wish orders in a user-friendly way is much more important. Here’s how you can organize it:

  • Wish offers its service with multiple warehouses across the US and Europe that are going to help you with stocking and delivering your product. In exchange for a price, you can avail of their service.
  • You can also take the whole shipping responsibility on your own. Compare the cost along with other domestic and international shipping carriers. You can easily ace the storing and shipping with the help of proper knowledge.
  • Also, you can opt for a third party dropshipping service, who are going to ship your orders on behalf of you in charge of a fee.

How to Market Your Products Effectively?

In answer to how to sell on Wish marketplace, the marketing of your products in an effective way plays the most important role. Here is how you can get your marketing rightly:

  • Use the Wish advertising tools for boosting your product sales. Involve in running multiple campaigns for your products to build up better popularity and brand awareness.
  • Wish selects products for their promotional campaign. If you can project more clear size, colour, and information about your product, then there are more chances of getting selected by Wish for the campaigns.
  • Build brand trust for a trustworthy profile. Sellers who have high-quality product selling, good delivery record, increased visitor, and traffic gets more loyalty with the Wish.

What Can You Sell on Wish?

Items You Can Sell on WishAlongside knowing how you can sell on Wish, you need to have a complete idea of what you can sell on the Wish marketplace. Here are the niches in which you can sell your items:

  • Fashion
  • Apparel
  • Baby and kids
  • Gadgets
  • Watches
  • Accessories
  • Home Decor range
  • Bags and wallets
  • Makeup and beauty
  • Bottoms
  • Phone upgrades
  • Others

What Can You Not Sell on Wish Marketplace?

It’s better to have ideas also on what you cannot sell on the Wish marketplace before stepping for a registration.

  • Child car seats
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Nudity
  • Tobacco
  • Plant seeds
  • Drugs
  • Switchblades
  • Digital goods
  • Gift cards
  • Chemicals
  • Counterfeit products

How Much it Costs to Sell on

The pricing for the merchants on the Wish marketplace is quite seller-friendly. It only charges when you sell. Here goes the price structure to sell on Wish:

  • Based on the selling price of a product, Wish pays with the maximum percentage to the seller while keeping a commission of a minimum amount for their own.
  • A sales commission of up to 15% on the combination of order and shipping rates.
  • No monthly or annual subscription is required.
  • Zero registration fee.
  • Zero fees for product listing.

What Payment Methods are Compatible with the Wish?

Here are the payment methods that Wish accepts:

  • Google pay
  • Apple pay
  • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, American Express, Cirrus.
  • PayPal
  • iDEAL
  • Klarna
  • EBANX ( Boleto, OXXO, Credit card)

Also, it supports AllPay, Payoneer, UMPAY, PingPong to support the huge customer experience across the world.

Bottom Line

If you are willing to grow your business overseas, then can undoubtedly serve as a suitable platform for you. Targeting opportunities with worldwide shipping can be the best way to fill your pocket with the most profit and create a significant position in the market. However, don’t keep unrealistic goals regarding your sales, as shining in the market is a matter of patience and advanced strategy building. Use Wish as a ladder to your success while exploring the most benefits of selling at a well-established, customer-friendly e-commerce platform.

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