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How AI is Changing the Merchandising Game

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How AI is Changing the Merchandising Game

Once, AI was considered to be science fiction. But now, it is here with us and disrupting the patterns of the retail industry as we know it. Join us in this latest episode of Digital Icons, as we explore the impacts of AI on retailers with Gary Saarenvirta. Gary is the founder and CEO of Daisy Intelligence Corporation, a company that delivers AI powered solutions to retail and insurance firms.

Gary Saarenvirta

founder and CEO of Daisy Intelligence Corporation

About Gary Saarenvirta

Gary Saarenvirta is Daisy’s founder and CEO and a preeminent authority on artificial intelligence. The former head of IBM Canada’s data mining and data warehousing practices, Gary is passionate about AI and its ability to transform how retailers grow their businesses and establish an edge in an increasingly challenging and competitive environment. Under Gary’s leadership, Daisy has established a track record of delivering verifiable financial outcomes for a rapidly growing list of global clients.

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