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Groove raises $12M for its sales engagement automation plans

Groove, for those of you who don’t know, is a platform that is famous among marketers as well as sellers because it helps the sales team show which product is working for them and selling more and which is not. This gives them an idea about where they can put more focus and where the pedal needs to be lifted from the gas. Now, we know that many other providers give you the same feedback but Groove takes this a step forward and you can ask any salesperson and they will vouch for Groove.

Now, there is a new funding round which has been done by Groove which is regarding automation of its sales engagement. According to Groove CEO’s announcement, they have raised $12M of funds in a new round and that they will use those funds “to expand awareness and accelerate adoption”. We know that the future of sales will be AI and Machine Learning and the marketers will rely on those tools to predict what will work in the future and what will not.

Already, we are seeing reports that 87% of the people in this business are ready to or are using “machine learning for sales forecasts and email marketing”. This means that the number is likely to reach 100% very soon and that it will take place sooner than expected because of the pandemic situation right now where door-to-door surveys and other methods of finding out customer trends will not be possible.

Talking about some features provided by Groove, the platform allows “click-to-call functionality across Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, flows, and other services. With local presence calling, sales reps can have calls come from numbers within any area code and can send and receive SMS messages directly from a PC in nearly real-time” which means that the process becomes that much easier for salespeople.

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