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Google’s ‘try on’ feature should make online shopping easier

You must be aware that Google is betting big on e-commerce since a long time which is also the reason why they have launched a shopping tab into their search results and have been releasing several features related to their shopping section as well. Now, it is also worth noting that AI has become the next big talking point all around the world and the company even did a whole feature at their Google I/O 2023 developer conference regarding AI and how it will be integrated into Google Search. Related to that, we now have a new feature from Google that can change the way you shop online.

It is to be noted that the main reason why people are still hesitant to shop online is because of how the product will look on them and will it even fit them or not. Yes, they have the option to return it but people are reluctant to return a product and don’t want to take that hassle which is why they avoid ordering clothes online. But now, thanks to Google AI, we get a new feature on Google’s Shopping section which is named “try on models” which is exactly what it sounds like. With this feature, you can try different clothes on different models that have different sizes as well as skin colors so that you can pick and choose whichever fits your skin tone and body size the best.

As per the article from Wired, “The company uses images of real models ranging from XXS to 3XL to wear AI-generated versions of clothes from hundreds of brands sold across Google, like Anthropologie, Everlane, and H&M”. It is worth noting that this feature is only available on Google’s Shopping tab which means that if you buy your clothes directly from a brand’s website then this feature won’t be available but you can always try out the different clothes from the Google Search’s shopping section and then go to your brand’s website and buy them. It is also possible, and we hope, that brands will integrate a similar feature on their own websites very soon.

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