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Google launches an accelerator program for tech businesses owned by women

We are currently in the 2020s which is the start of a new decade and already in the 21st century but the problem that we were facing in the last century is still there in the world when it is about businesses. In the 1900s, we saw that most of the businesses all over the world were run by men because women were not allowed to even go out let alone letting them run their own business. The things have definitely changed but our society is still a male-dominated one and there needs to be a change.

People have been working on bringing in more women entrepreneurs in the society and letting them run their own business and Google has now done its part in the same. This is because the tech giant has just announced a new accelerator program where they will support women business owners in the tech industry. This announcement was made by Google for Startups and they have opened its new program named Accelerator for Women Founders.

This program is “open to fledgeling female-led tech companies in the United States and Canada, will accept 10 to 12 participants for its initial round”. Google also reveals that “The program is best suited for companies in the seed to Series A funding stage”. This tells you that the funds provided in the program will not be massive to build a giant but it will be enough to kickstart the journey.

Furthermore, it is revealed that this program “will run virtually from Sept. 28 to Dec. 4, 2020, and will include remote technical training and high-level strategic development opportunities with Google’s machine learning, people, product and growth labs”. Another thing to note is that Google is not doing this for women owners but a similar program has been launched for black founders as well.

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