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Giorgio Armani’s Fashion Precepts

If you love fashion, you probably know who Giorgio Armani is. A man who influenced the fashion and style of 2 generations around the world. But nothing will decorate you like a smile and a good mood. For a good mood, go to www.woocasino.com/en-AU/games/live-casino.

The Italian designer, who started his career in fashion at the age of 40, dressed men and women in a new type of costumes and created images for iconic Hollywood films, turned 88 in July. So let’s find out the basic commandments of this fashionable couturier.

Choose Clothes in Which You Feel Confident

Every woman has an established idea of herself. Giorgio Armani always repeats that the right clothes can completely change him.

According to the legendary couturier, truly stylish things never dominate their owner: they reveal his character and emphasize the most attractive features. This is something that will never go out of fashion.

Give Preference to a Neutral Palette

The designer is convinced that style is not something that catches the eye. Neutral soft colors and high—quality good products are the basis of a subtle and restrained approach to elegance, which is translated by Giorgio Armani.

His collections include noble and “expensive” shades: milk, sand, caramel, gray and blue. This is how the philosophy of the Giorgio Armani brand manifests itself: the woman herself should be in the main role.

Pick Up “Your” Fragrance

If Giorgio Armani is asked to share style tips, he talks not only about clothes but also about perfume. The designer reminds us: the fragrance, not the appearance, is the first thing that attracts attention when you enter the room.

Treat the choice of perfume as a creative process: you have the opportunity to manage the first impression and what associations the interaction with you will cause in others.

Don’t Try Too Hard

In an interview, the designer noted that women have changed during his career. Many no longer strive to dress in such a way as to hide flaws or match men.

Clothes should not be a disguise: it is much better if the style chosen by a woman allows her to be natural, to show her softness and femininity.

These principles in the Giorgio Armani brand are also applied to makeup. For example, the make-up artists of the brand refused lip pencils. They use tints and lipsticks and carefully shade the color: the lips look as if the model has just eaten a fruit. The maestro himself can adjust the lipstick on the model with his fingers right before the show.

This creates the image of an Armani girl — relaxed, but elegant and aware of her attractiveness.

Invest in Accessories

In an interview with the men’s magazine GQ, Signor Armani said that men should pay special attention to watches. The designer noted that this is one of the few accessories available to them, so you need to invest in a high-quality model.

Women have much more opportunities to experiment with accessories. Giorgio Armani’s style is laconic, slightly masculine, and minimalistic. Accessories help to add structure to the image. The clothes may look simple, but the shoes and bag must be of impeccable quality.

Accept What You Have

The designer is convinced that getting upset because of appearance – for example, short stature — is a useless occupation. It is much better to learn how to work with what is there, especially since now there are all the possibilities for this.

For example, to appear taller, you can choose shoes to match the trousers and make sure that the trousers or jeans end just above the ankle — so the legs will seem longer and more fragile. Another way is to add a vertical to the image, which will stretch the silhouette. In her role, a strip on a dress or a row of buttons can act.

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