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France’s E-commerce sales may hit €100 billion in 2019 while Spain will see 8% rise from 2018

As we have mentioned time and again, the world is moving towards buying online rather than going to stores. Back in the day, we had the opinion that it is always better to buy from stores since we can try the products first and then make purchasing decisions. However, the return policy from e-commerce companies which are applicable if you don’t like the product as well as much better pricing than the retailers has forced people to buy online.

Now, this was the case in the U.S. which is believed to be the first market where e-commerce sales started and then later picked up all over the world. We now have some reports about e-commerce in European countries such as France and Spain which are also said to be growing very quickly in this segment. As reported by Internet Retailing, France is all set to report e-commerce sales in the country at €100 billion in 2019 which is a double-figure growth year-over-year in the country. Officially, France’s e-commerce sales in the third quarter of 2019 stood at €24.6 billion which is an increase of 11% compared to the third quarter last year.

Talking about Spain, the Insitute of National Statistics in the country reported that the proportion of online shoppers in the population which means that the percentage of people who have shopped online in the last three months from its population has grown by 8% compared to last year. Also, the institute reveals that 47% of the Spanish people have now shopped online in the last three months. This means that almost half of the Spanish people are starting to get on the e-commerce bandwagon. Coming back to the French e-commerce sales, the figures have revealed that online transactions in the country have risen 14.2% to reach 426 million transactions in the quarter as compared to Q3, 2018.

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