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Forever 21 switches to e-commerce business after failure in retail

You might have heard of how the fast-fashion brand from the US, Forever 21, has filed for bankruptcy and has essentially failed. The main reason why Forever 21 became famous was due to its price which would attract more customers to the store. However, it looks like the fashion brand has seen the effect of changing times as people have started to shop more from online stores rather than going to retail stores. For this reason, the footfall at Forever 21’s stores decreased drastically and there came a time when the brand had to take this tough decision.

Having said that, we now have a new development in the Forever 21 story where it is revealed that the brand has a new plan for switching its retail business to an e-commerce one. Basically, the company has made a strategy targeting consumers in Canada, Asia Pacific and Latin America. This means that the brand once famous for retail stores across the world will now have its online presence. Last year, Forever 21 blamed substantial real-estate cost, and lagging innovation and sustainability efforts for the troubles it faced.

Now, the company has tapped e-commerce specialist Global-e to work on an improved and localised e-commerce experience for international shoppers. The company says that Global-e’s cross-border e-commerce solution will help them “provide their customers in Canada, APAC and LATAM with an enhanced online shopping experience based on local market’s characteristics and shoppers’ preferences”.

Announcing its venture into e-commerce space, as reported by The Drum, Forever 21 said that “With the continued increase in demand from international shoppers for our brand, we recognised that an advanced global online shopping experience is a fundamental part of our future growth. The seamless localised shopping experience our consumers around the world can now enjoy is a vital milestone in our mission to use the latest retail technology to bridge the online gap between the convenience of e-commerce and the local experience of in-store.”

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