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Etailz, a company helping other companies sell online, raises $25M

Yesterday, we reported about the fact that a company which helps other companies to make their websites and load them faster has raised a lot of money. This shows that the field of e-commerce is not just limited to selling products since there are multiple units involved in it. We have seen brands that are into e-commerce which are serving businesses also known as B2B or business-to-business and then there are others which are called B2C which are business-to-customer. Now, B2C companies are what we see on a daily basis such as Amazon to give you one example.

Talking about companies helping other companies, we have a firm named Etailz which helps brands come online and sell their products. This company has just announced that they have raised $25M in funding. However, it is interesting to note that this is not part of an equity funding but rather debt funding. Debt funding is where banks or other institutions lend money to firms just like a loan. Etailz said that they did not want to give away their equity for funding since they are at an early-stage and want to hold as much part of the company as possible.

It is revealed that a debt financing firm named Encina Business Credit infused money in the company. As per the company’s statement, they have generated more than $800 million in lifetime sales on the platform. At the moment, after this latest infusion of money, Etailz has been funded up to $100 million in lifetime infusion of cash.


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