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Embedded payments and logistics, a step toward transparency

The pandemic has brought major changes in our lifestyles. From the transition from store shopping to online shopping. Taking online medical care to create an environmentally conscious society. The changes brought in banking and payment logistics are also huge.

Today the banks think of an integrated system of eCommerce firms and embedded payments. Although embedded payment is a new form, eCommerce firms are not hesitant to introduce these logistics in their business.

The world is undergoing turbulent times. Be it the war in Ukraine or the global supply chain disruptions. As a result, the market is already facing a tough time.

Another issue is shipping charges. With so many travel restrictions, the cost of shipping goes up. Traditionally, the buyer bears the cost of shipping. But with a shift in the market due to the pandemic, the companies gave huge discounts. However, the strategy helped them sustain themselves in the market. Today free shipping has become commonplace.

B2B sellers are taking cues from the consumer market. Amazon provides its customers with prime membership. It gives early and free delivery benefits. Businesses are even adopting consumer behavior to sustain in the market.

Embedded payments logistics aims to unite shippers, carriers, and brokers. So that all of them speak the same financial language. This will make the transportation experience seamless.

The bigger aim is to organize the transportation sector. The global market has affected the supply chains. As a result, supply chains and delivery payments bear the brunt. At some point, companies had to rethink reintroducing trade shows into B2B. But only 11% of brands plan exclusively in-person participation at trade shows. The reasons for this are numerous.

The simple and best solution will be to streamline payments and logistics. We can achieve this only by digital payment tools. This will replace the huge paperwork. Digitalization will also make the process transparent.


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