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E-commerce Mobile purchases will reportedly continue to rise in 2020

If you have been following the e-commerce industry for a long time, you might have seen many trends emerging in the sector. One of the biggest changes that we have seen in recent times is the shift from PCs and laptops to mobile devices. At the start of the e-commerce era, everyone was very reluctant to purchase anything from their mobile devices as they felt it was very unsafe and the risk of getting hacked was there. However, as the security of mobile devices grew, we see that mobile device purchases have started to dominate.

At this stage, we can say that the mobile device users on e-commerce platforms have comfortably outgrown in number compared to the same on PCs. It is now considered a tedious process to open the computers just for making a purchase which was considered a must a few years ago. According to a new report from Forbes, they predict some trends in 2020 related to e-commerce. And one of those trends is that mobile purchases will continue to increase in the year.

They also say that shoppers will switch to mobile devices even more than last year which means platforms that do not have a great experience on mobile as compared to desktops will lose out a lot. Basically, it is a must that you care about your mobile users as you do for the desktop users to get the most of your sales.

This also means that your site should not take too long to load and that it should have an easy way to navigate around. Citing a Google research number, the report mentions that 53% of mobile users leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load which means your site should load much quicker than that for customer retention. Also, marketers will use behavioural data for campaigns going forward.

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