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E-commerce giant Amazon will not take part in MWC 2020 due to coronavirus concerns

We have already discussed how the Novel Coronavirus or Wuhan virus from China has turned into a severe epidemic and has killed lots of people in the province. There is another side to this epidemic as well which is the spread of it outside China. This means that we have to make sure enough precautions are taken so that the spread is curbed.

At the moment, it is noticed that most of the spread outside China of this virus is from Chinese people only. However, the e-commerce giant Amazon is not wanting to take any risks. And for this reason, they have announced to not take part in the Mobile World Congress 2020 which will be starting by end of February.

Now, we know that Amazon does not announce anything new as from previous year records at the MWC but it does have its booths for showcasing various products and innovations. That will not be seen this year and we believe that Amazon took the right decision because the safety of their employees, as well as other visitors, comes first.

Also, Amazon is not the only company to withdraw from MWC this year as LG, Ericsson and Nvidia have already announced their decision to skip this year’s tech show. As far as LG is concerned, the company reveals its next flagship every year at the MWC but since they are not taking part, we will not see a new phone from them until March.

Amazon’s statement regarding its withdrawal states the reason as “due to the outbreak and continued concerns about novel coronavirus,” which is quite understandable. Now, we know that MWC is taking place despite these concerns where hundreds of people will gather. But they have announced that additional medical personnel will be on-site to help the visitors, attendees and organizers.

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