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E-commerce firm Temu Alters Terms of Cash Giveaway despite Privacy Concerns

Chinese e-retailer Temu has made significant revisions to its cash giveaway campaign following a wave of customer apprehension regarding the extensive personal data requirements. Initially met with enthusiasm on social media, the promotion offered participants the chance to earn up to £50 in exchange for relinquishing substantial amounts of personal information.

Previously, Temu defended the terms, labeling them as “standard terms and conditions.” However, in response to mounting concerns, the company has now admitted to adjusting these terms, acknowledging their overly broad nature.

The revised terms come after an outcry from customers and scrutiny from data watchdogs, notably the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which had been investigating the concerns surrounding Temu’s offer. While the ICO has yet to make a formal statement, it has indicated its continued assessment of the raised concerns.

Temu, a Chinese-owned online marketplace, made its debut in the United States in 2022 and expanded to the United Kingdom the following year. It has earned a reputation as “Amazon on steroids” due to its competitive pricing and boasts the slogan “shop like a billionaire.” However, its rapid rise has not been without controversy. Recent scrutiny includes allegations of products potentially sourced from forced labor, as highlighted in a US government investigation.

The heart of Temu’s campaign lies in its giveaway, where new users are incentivized to sign up others within a 24-hour window using a shareable link. Rewards range from £40 to £50, either credited to PayPal accounts or as store credit on Temu’s platform. Existing users can also participate, albeit with higher thresholds for rewards.

While the promotion garnered widespread attention with thousands of users sharing links across social media platforms, it also sparked criticism and memes dissecting its terms and conditions. One clause in particular, allowing Temu to utilize participants’ personal data for advertising or promotional purposes indefinitely and across various media, came under intense scrutiny. A post on X (formerly Twitter) featuring screenshots of the campaign’s rules amassed over two million views, according to platform metrics. We know that the US customers of Temu are quite happy with the discounts but they are also very quick to call out privacy concerns which is why Temu will face a challenge going forward

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