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Digital payments paving the way for content creators

Social media is now revolutionizing the world of businesses, the freelancing community, and content creators. In the past, content creators found it difficult to find an audience. But now, digital payments and social media marketing make the work a little easier.

Today social media allows freelancers, content creators, and remote workers to shine. Not only in terms of building confidence but also in preparing an audience base.

Now the major issue is helping these pseudo-professionals to get the remuneration they deserve. Whenever a creator wins over a good audience, many firms help them get paid through digital payments.

The recent advancement of Visa’s entry into the creator economy payments game takes the game to a whole different level. Everyone now has their eye on the Visa Ready Creator Commerce program.

The monetizing of the creator economy through digital payments becomes super convenient. Analysts now see content creators as small businesses. They call them “the sole proprietorships of this generation”. The best to uplift them is through digital payments made more accessible.

Data shows that Social Commerce which is mostly a creator-driven firm, will grow to $1.2 trillion by 2025. Esports claim that content creators in the United States make approximately $60,000 a year. It will be surprising to note, but this is close to the national median income.

The fact is that content creators earn more than we expect them to. They globally earn nearly six-figure numbers. They are doing all this while being at home and working from the ease of their place.

Social networks can be incremented through digital payments. If we believe the reports, social network projects will scale up to $1 trillion in the next couple of years.

Now, this growth will receive acceleration with technical advancements in the digital payments section. By making the whole project and system more inclusive and accommodating.

The project launch Visa is working with a company called SamCart. This is an eCommerce platform that focuses on creators.


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