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Digital Marketing Must Match Physical Stores

Digital Icons – A vlog series

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Digital Marketing Must Match Physical Stores

Anticipating the wants of customers based on user history is a sure-shot way of building brand loyalty. The second episode of Digital Icons brings to you Diane Burley’s (VP of Content at Lucidworks) in-depth view on the role of intelligent search in making each customer’s retail experience intuitive and worthwhile.

Anouk de Lange

Head of ecommerce and marketing at lighting

About Anouk de Lange

Having worn many hats in my +12 years career, I have had the pleasure to work for agencies, networks, brands and publishers alike. As a result, I take on the challenges retail brands face from a multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual and cross-cultural perspective.

As a seasoned programmatic marketer and sales strategist, my passion is to invent new, more powerful and profitable ways to turn customer and market insights into revenue. I firmly believe the best bottom-line results come from out-of-the-box initiatives and business should be conducted with one firm thought in the back of our minds: In life you always meet twice.

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Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
Dedicated writer with a strong track record of developing customer loyalty and managing general office operations. Enjoy being a part of a company where my skills and creative ideas will benefit the overall productivity of the organization. I have a strong desire to work in helping make the world a better place. Please reach out to me on

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