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Digital Goods Online Marketplace Whop raises $17M

We know that physical goods are sold both offline and online in the world and this is where retail commerce and e-commerce have thrived in the last few years but it is worth noting that digital goods are now being sold as well. It is seen that digital goods like prints, art as well as NFTs also known as non-fungible tokens have been gaining popularity in the last 2-3 years and there was a time when the NFTs were sold like digital gold but it is seen that their prices have now sky-rocketed down back to normal.

As far as digital goods is concerned, you can have ebooks and other items that can only be found online and digitally which can be sold on these platforms. Now, a platform selling these digital goods known as Whop has just announced an investment of $17M. In an email statement, Whop CEO said “Whop is a comprehensive online platform aimed at connecting sellers and buyers within the digital economy”. “Its mission is to centralize all products on the internet, offering a one-stop solution for anyone looking to participate in the digital economy.”

“People had to make forum posts and often got scammed, a middleman was required and pricing for the software wasn’t clear.” and added that “It was trash” as the CEO recalls his foray into the marketplace business at first with a makeshift one where people could buy and sell software. Then they came up with Whop, a digital goods marketplace. “We’re creating a new economy, giving people new things to sell”. He added, “We see ourselves as competing with social media, where people have traditionally gone to sell their software but suffer through an incredibly suboptimal experience.”

“People are selling sponsorships or ad space on traditional social channels, but now they can use Whop to offer their audience a real, living and breathing product that they can collect a recurring, stable income stream on,” and said that “If someone has a million followers, they think they’re better off continuing to post content, but in reality, someone who has 20,000 followers with a real product is actually making more money than them.”

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