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Digital Economy jumped 1.2% in Q2

The world is going through major transitions. From technical advancements to every other field, the changes are evident. Most of the drastic changes have come into place due to Covid. The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges. Thus, new solutions also came. The digital economy is one such solution.

In Northern Hemisphere, people are traveling comfortably for the first time after covid. A huge credit for this goes to the online availability of resources. People make use of online ticketing and other facilities to seek convenience.

People are finally traveling and enjoying the experience due to the growing digital economy. 178 million consumers across 11 countries buy travel tickets online. This data is only for the summer of 2022. There are also 635 million wound-up transactions online.

People prefer online shopping. Be it rental items, lodging, groceries, concert, or tickets. The world has come online. This service has not made things easier for the public but is boosting the economy as well.

This extensive online commerce is driving the digital economy to new heights. The changes happening today will make a long-term impact. Brazil witnessed one such example. . In Brazil, the first in-person carnival after the pandemic brought huge numbers.

This attracts travelers as well. The carnival became the point of attraction for many tourists. This not only makes the economy grow but is a healthy practice for people as well.

Another boost in the digital economy was because of the unification of digital wallets. The channels are today omnipresent. This makes it easier for customers to make payments worldwide.

The boost in the digital economy is due to other reasons beyond these. But the increase in engagement of consumers in the digital platform is making things easier. People can now freely move, and digital payments cater to their needs.

In the coming years, this engagement is to improve. And this improvement will boost the economy manifolds.


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