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Diet meal maker Nutrisystem will revive Jenny Craig’s e-commerce business

You might be aware, and as we reported as well, that Jenny Craig the iconic weight-loss meal provider had filed for bankruptcy and its assets were sold to Wellful which runs the Diet Meal Maker Nutrisystem. Now, it is known that Jenny Craig will be revived via e-commerce thanks to its new owners and try to revive the loyal fan base of Jenny Craig. It is worth noting that the meals for weight loss from Jenny Craig were loved by millions of people around the world and people were genuinely disappointed to see that their favourite brand was filing for bankruptcy but we believe that the emergence of their iconic brand in a new form will be welcomed by all of them.

“People that have known the Jenny brand — the core aspects around the great food, the coaching, the overall program and the success they previously had — they can expect again,” Wellful CEO Brandon Adcock said. He mentioned that “The iconic weight-loss provider’s next act will be digital- and e-commerce driven” and added that the reboot of Jenny Craig will “come to your home this fall”. Jenny Craig’s customers have been notified about the same through emails, their facebook group as well as a teaser on their website as well. Wellful’s CEO says that “Our goal is just treat them as best we can to win back their business”. It is worth noting that Wellful was formed as a part of merger between Nutrisystem and Adaptive Health.

He added that “Members will still be able to order meals to their doorsteps and will still get access to personalized coaching, a core feature that previously took place across hundreds of physical locations but will now be completely virtual. Wellful’s acquisition doesn’t include any Jenny Craig real estate.” He also showed his commitment towards both the companies saying that “he remains confident both Nutrisystem and a revamped Jenny Craig can compete”. Weight loss drugs such as Ozempic have given weight-loss-diet making companies a stiff challenge in recent times but these companies rely on the fact that they do it naturally and without any pills.

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