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Citcon collab with Bold offers 150 payment methods

Citcon, a payment gateway recently incorporated with Bold, facilitates multiple payment methods. For example, it will make use of API into Bold’s headless checkout. This will allow retailers in acquire DTC brands. And they will be able to process 150 payment methods.

All of this will be via a single integration. The combination of the merchant and brands will process the payment. So it is for digital wallets and local schemes. Citron’s full-stack payments with Bold commerce check-out will widen the scope. They will be easily reached and do business in Asia-Pacific regions.

Wei Jung, President and COO of Citcon, stated, “Ecommerce is, by definition, a global marketplace. By making it easy for businesses to accept the digital wallets and payment schemes preferred by consumers in countries like China, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and Latin America, we enable any business to operate as a global business and reach these previously; untapped markets.”

The payment methods for Citcon will be further simplified into payment processes. The company will channel digital wallets and payment schemes. It is done via integrating fund settlement. The gateway services will offer bold powers checkout experiences. There is also a need to offer better flexibility and ease of access.

The company will focus on reducing cart abandonment. There will be continuous expansion into new markets. Citcon will provide Bold with the opportunity to expand its business globally. Bold Commerce will try to better recognize a seamless checkout experience for customers. The checkout capabilities will also reach certain heights. There will be an expansion in payment methods across all sections.

Bold commerce has many international brands using its payment methods. It features Pepsi, Vera Bradley, Staples Canada, Mars, and Harry Rosen. To state the figure, it also accounted for almost 90,000 merchants. The pricing, promotion management, and subscription capabilities are at par. The buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) is one of the payment methods.


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