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Chinese e-commerce giant JD releases its LLM named ChatRhino

You must be aware that even in the e-commerce industry, and the technology sector as a whole, artificial intelligence is all the rage and the buzzword and the reason behind it is the craze of ChatGPT as well as other large language models such as Google’s Bard and others. Now, it is known that Chinese are known for doing things differently and while they are accused of blatantly copying things from the West, they still like to own what they create and this is the reason why we heard from Chinese e-commerce companies that they will release their own large language models as well.

Now, we have report that Chinese e-commerce giant has introduced its large language model named as ChatRhino, quite similar to ChatGPT, for its customers. According to this report, “ChatRhino, called Yanxi in Chinese, was described at the summit as an AI model that combines 70 per cent general data with 30 per cent native intelligent supply chain data. It purportedly offers targeted solutions across a range of industries, from retail and logistics to finance and healthcare”. In a statement, JD.com’s representative said that “JD’s large model evolution aligns with our relentless pursuit of technology,” and indicated that this move “signifies our dedication to leveraging technology to benefit industries and society as a whole”.

JD.com’s chairman said that “We needed to use the large [language] model to create industry value … rather than chit-chat or draw things” which is also a direct jab at ChatGPT for its chat feature and other AI applications that are used to describe things and they draw an illustration based on the input. JD.com showed a video where “a ChatRhino automated tool, AI Growth Marketing, was used by the company to turn a marketing idea into a full-fledged campaign with its own smartphone-based webpage in just minutes”. The company mentioned that “Without AI’s help, the same process would have taken up to two weeks to complete and require close collaboration between marketers, designers and software coders”. It clearly tells you that JD is quite serious about its AI ambitions and wants to use the same for all its products to increase productivity.

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