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Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba launches website for coronavirus medical supplies

Alibaba medical supplies store
Alibaba medical supplies store

You must have heard about the deadly coronavirus that has emerged out of China by now. Well, the virus has impacted businesses around the world but it is so dangerous that people are also losing lives due to it. One reason is that the virus’ medicines have not been found yet meaning that there is no hope for people infected by it. Now, we know that the Chinese government is in dire need right now and one of its e-commerce giants is doing what it can to help the people of China in times of need.

We are talking right now about the Chinese e-commerce giant named Alibaba and the company has just set up a new website which is dedicated to rescuing people affected from coronavirus as per a report from Times of Israel. This new website is a store for supplying coronavirus medical supplies to people in China. The store also tells Wuhan and China to stay strong since Wuhan is the place from where this virus has emerged.

Now, we know that people have been supplying medical masks from all over the world to China and the e-commerce store by Alibaba also urges people to donate or even supply medical mask to China for the people in need. Alibaba says that its “business-to-business website aims to create a direct connection between suppliers of medical equipment and teams of doctors on the ground battling the infectious disease”.

Also, Alibaba had revealed last month that they have set aside a fund of “$140 million to buy essential medical equipment from around the world”. With this new website, Alibaba will announce what medical equipment is required by them so that worldwide suppliers can provide them to China and fulfil the needs of its citizens. As per one listing, Alibaba’s website requires 10 million respirator masks for “general public” and “medical staff” and suppliers can send their quotes and get details directly too.