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China’s to launch a ChatGPT-style product of its own

Even if you are not following the news from the last few days, you would have still heard about ChatGPT and how it is the next big thing to be introduced in the tech industry in decades. ChatGPT, an AI tool launched by OpenAI, gives you real-time answers based on your questions. The best part is that the tool is highly conversational and lets you give prompts as if you are talking to a friend or family member. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to explain something “a 7-year-old can understand”. This makes the tool stand out, and Microsoft announced that they are integrating ChatGPT into its search platform Bing.

After that, Google also announced that they are releasing Bard, its own AI tool, inside Google Search. Having said that, one thing that is missing from these tools right now is multi-language support. Currently, it is not possible to give ChatGPT prompts in Mandarin or other languages and get answers. This is where China’s tech industry will come into play and develop a ChatGPT-rival for their market. Talking about that, we have a report from CNBC saying that Chinese e-commerce giant is already doing that.

As per the report, released a press release that they are launching a ChatGPT-styled product of its own named ChatJD, which will be an “industrial version” of the product focused on the retail and finance sector. “The product will be able to generate content as well as have a human-to-computer dialogue”, the company added. Alibaba also revealed plans to develop its ChatGPT-rival for its cloud computing customers. The difference between ChatGPT and ChatJD will be that ChatJD will be able to “add value to things like generating product summaries on shopping websites or helping with financial analysis” for its customers.

AI is clearly the next big thing in the e-commerce space too, and it looks like ChatJD will prompt others, such as Amazon and Shopify, to release their AI tools to make it easy for their sellers to list products on the platform and manage the inventory correctly. Now waiting to see what Amazon comes up with in the next few weeks.

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