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Black Friday is the New Rainbow for America and the World

We cannot have enough of black empowerment, and this is where Jumia steps in. black Friday sales are now dominating the online marketplaces. Jumia is an Africa-focused online marketplace that introduced the event of Black Friday sale nine years ago across all African markets, including Cairo and Lagos. Today Jumia thoroughly enjoys the position of being the top firm with volumes of orders.

Back Friday had its origination in America, but it exploded into a retail frenzy only when it started welcoming the African buyers as well. Africans are jamming the doors of Jumia to get the best of what the Black Friday sales have to offer. A recent survey has shown that, with Africans on the fore, the black Friday appetite is only protruding every year.

The year 2020 had recorded a growth in sales by 141%, with one out of three clicks being a new customer. Reportedly, the Jumia market witnessed a growth of 10% this year. Black Friday that started as a campaign, is now a popular name in the American market. Collaborations with famous brands, namely Adidas, Unilever, Diageo, and HP.

Jumia Nigeria CEO Massimiliano Spalazzi said, “the Black Friday campaign has been a success year-on-year and is the biggest sale of the year”.

Standing as an inspiration, the black Friday trend is serpentining into other markets like that of Egypt. Jumia has also partnered up with the National Bank of Egypt to entice more customers. Rumors are that the fashion wardrobe in Egypt is inclusive that is driving the customers to go gaga over the black Friday sale in Egypt.

Black Friday is helping the online market places, and the economy of America is recovering from the hard hits of the pandemic. Additionally, the event of black Friday is manifesting a positive impact on the cultures. Besides boosting sales, it also promotes inclusivity, thereby enhancing the diversity of a nation, making it incredibly progressive.


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