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Australian Company stockinstore Makes its Foray into U.S. Market at NRF 2020 Retail Show in NYC

Following its success in Australia, stockinstore will make its U.S. debut, bringing its seamless omnichannel retail solution to the NRF 2020 Retail Show in New York City.

Having recently been crowned as winner of NORA’s 2019 Best in Store Retail Technology Solution, the technology provider lands stateside to exhibit their groundbreaking solution and connect with more international partners. In the Asia Pacific region, stockinstore is providing better customer experiences, driving more sales in-store and online, and giving retailers invaluable insights through its reporting suite.

“stockinstore was always developed to be a global solution,” says CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Maver. “We’ve seen retailers all around the world with the same issues when it comes to integrating their online and physical stores and setting customers expectations.”

“We know stock-outs cause walkouts, with 60% ending up as lost sales,” explains Maver. “This is the principle which stockinstore seeks to solve for retailers, by serving as the mitigation between retailer and shopper. By bringing the two together in the most mutually beneficial way, we unite people with the products retailers want to sell at the moment both want the interaction, helping to secure more sales and improving brand loyalty as well.”

What started as a find in store solution for corporate retailers has expanded into much more, providing an omnichannel platform for franchises, manufacturers and wholesalers. The Product Suite includes:

·       Find in store for Retailers

·       Find in store for Franchises

·       Find in Store for Manufacturers and Wholesalers

·       My Nearest Store Email Widget

·       Store Locator

·       Special Trading Hours

stockinstore’s Reporting Suite provides insights into customer demand which retailers never thought possible. The development team are set to extend the suite with the launch of ‘Click & Collect’ in Q1 and ‘Reserve in store’ in Q2 2020.

stockinstore prides itself on the nimble way it has been designed and built to integrate with any POS system and work seamlessly with all eCommerce platforms. This is optimal for retailers such as Rohan Penman, Global Head of Technology for T2, who says, “I thought it was a no-brainer straight away, especially due to the fact that there was no development work necessary. It was an immediate and affordable Op-x.”

The demand for a solution like stockinstore is on the rise. Retail is seeing 85% of customers browsing online before shopping in store and 90% of transactions still occuring in brick-and-mortar stores.

stockinstore’s Find In Store solution fosters better customer experiences through its intuitive two-click platform, which results in higher purchase rates. By measurably connecting online and brick and mortar stores, stockinstore delivers real-time insights so retailers can quickly react and respond to customer demands in an on-demand world, yielding more sales, better foot traffic, and ultimately, higher profits.

“stockinstore is the B2B partner that ends the B2C disappointment consumers face when they’ve purchased a product in their mind, but can’t find it in store,” says Co-Founder Gil Blackstone. “We create happy retail endings for consumers and provide the data retailers want with a unique reporting suite that gives valuable customer analytics on demand for products.”

Merging the data analytics sphere and consumer concerns, the stockinstore interface fosters brand loyalty and integrity, by creating satisfied shoppers who find what they need when they want it, seen in the company’s more than three-times engagement rate. At NRF, stockinstore will be presenting the possibilities of a world of matching in-stock products and happy consumers to retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers alike.

Currently, stockinstore is used by leading retailers across Australia including Adairs, T2 Tea, Guess, YETI, 2xu, PetStock, Sheike, Early Settler, Kookaï, Toyworld NZ, Florsheim, 99 Bikes, The Upside, INTERSPORT, Tentworld, and many more.

To learn more about stockinstore, visit its website or stop by booth 1713 at NRF, the largest international retail trade show. For more information about stockinstore in action, view the Guess and INTERSPORT case studies, or experience how the system works here.


Stockinstore was born in 2016 as a way for retailers to tell online shoppers which stores nearby have the item they’re looking for. Since its launch, this award-winning technology has continued to bridge the gap between online and in-store; and gives retailers valuable insights into customer demand for products across their store network. To learn more about stockinstore and join a growing list of retailers who are all using stockinstore to improve their retail businesses, visit

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