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Arryved has launched a new online commercial platform named as ‘Arryved Online’

Arryved is a leading point of service (POS) platform which serves the craft beverage industry. It has launched a new ecommerce platform. The platform permits craft beverage and experienced venues to create custom-branded online stores. Since 2020, the beverage industry has been getting its revenue stream online, and demand for untouched orders has increased. So, Arryved brings this platform named ‘Arryved Online’.

Arryved Online accolades the company’s POS so that the needs of breweries and non-production businesses be met. This online commercial platform is a completely branded store. It conveys easy shopping and payment services, along with safe transactions. Arryved Online also charges minimum overhead fees to all merchants who join it. Like all other shopping sites, it also has safe and smart ordering with lots of other features and offers.

Being started as a POS provider in the beverage industry, Arryved is now groomed to the changing needs of the experience-based business. It has made remarkable changes in its policies that will create a stir in the ecommerce market. The policies relieve the merchants a lot and make it much easier to run their business. They have to pay just the credit card processing fees as the ecommerce platform works directly with Arryved POS.

This year, when the COVID-19 pandemic shook the US, the Arryved group has worked assiduously. It provides touch-free, safe, and sanitized products with the utmost caring delivery services. Wasting no time in April 2020, Arryved launched the platform. 20% of revenue generated by Arryved customers has come from shopping through the online commercial platform. This equals roughly $1.5 million transactions per month during this pandemic.

Arryved CEO David Norman said, “We needed to launch an ecommerce platform in April quickly, and our customers have let us know that their online stores launched on that platform helped keep their doors open during this year.” Arryved always remains indulged in evolving the solutions for the requirements of craft beverages.

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