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Apple starts online ‘store hub’ for shopping assistance at home

Apple is one of the best companies when we look at their sales figures and that they have been doing so for a long time. We know that the company has some bulk load of fans as well who are there to support the company by buying their products and there is a good reason as well. We can all agree that the company makes great products. However, this is a time of crisis for everyone and Apple is also out of this because they also have to close their stores everywhere. It is known that Apple Stores are a contributing factor to the company’s sales because people like to try the products before buying them.

However, we know that Apple is a technology company meaning they do have everything sorted when it comes to ordering online. But some people are just not comfortable with the process so Apple has done something regarding that. The company has launched an “online store hub” which is basically a shopping assistant like the ones you get inside Apple Stores, but online.

These are called Apple Specialists and the company says they will help you in the ordering process as well as answering your questions or just say “a friendly hello”. Apple also says that they are “offering no-contact delivery”. The company is clearly targeting the audience who likes to shop products from their physical stores. Since they do mention the fact that “Everything you love about our stores is online,”

Having said that, we should note that Apple just posted their quarterly earnings and there was no noticeable difference in their sales or income. But they do mention that the coming quarter will be difficult for them and it will get worse if the situation gets out of control and the lockdown has to be extended.

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