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Apple launches its online store in Vietnam with personalized shopping experience

You must be aware that Apple is one of the major smartphone companies in the world that operates on the hybrid model of letting people shop in their retail stores as well as on its online stores as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the Apple’s retail stores have a lot of reputation in the industry for being the best when it comes to the experience inside them. Also, Apple has specialized employees for its retail stores and they are uniquely designed as well. We recently saw Apple open two of its retail stores in India for the first time ever since its existence.

Now, the company has done the reverse of what it did in India by launching its online store in the Indonesian market. Apple revealed that their first online store in Indonesia will provide a “personalized shopping experience” for their customers. Apple’s Vice President of Retail, Deirdre O’Brien said, “With today’s expansion, we’re proud to offer customers an incredible new way to discover and shop for our amazing products and services, connect with our knowledgable team members, and experience the best of Apple,” and added that customers who will shop directly from Apple’s website will have an “exceptional experience”. However, it is also worth noting that the offers you get with third-party retailers will not be present on Apple’s online store.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that Apple offers corporate discount as well as student discounts on its online store which may not be available from third-party retailers. It is also worth noting that “Apple is also bringing its trade-in program to the country, so that customers can give their old devices to Apple and receive credit to buy a new one. In addition, the store also offers financing options of up to 24 months for products like iPhone, iPad, and Mac with MoMo – a local digital wallet”. Apple adds that they can personalize their devices only on Apple’s online store. “To add that extra-special touch, engraving is available for free only on apple.com/vn. Customers can personalize iPad, AirTag, AirPods, and Apple Pencil with a mix of emoji, text, and numbers”.

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