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Apple is closing all retail stores outside China due to COVID-19 outbreak

Apple is one of the first retailers that has taken the tough decision of closing all its retail stores across the world. However, the interesting part here is that Apple’s retail stores in China will remain open. This is because China has managed to contain the threat of coronavirus for most parts. While we still see cases in China emerging, it has gone ahead with restarting most of its factories, stores and the lockdown has also been relaxed. This is ironic in some ways because we saw that everything was closed a few months ago in China while things was going as normal everywhere else.

This will mean that Apple’s production woes will be reduced because its Chinese factories will restart once again. However, it will have nowhere to sell those products since its stores in the US, Europe and other parts of the world will be closed. The online stores for Apple will remain along with its “Apple Store” app which means you will be able to order online. But we are also not sure when they will get delivered to you since no delivery partners might be available.

In a blog post, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote that “One of those lessons is that the most effective way to minimize the risk of the virus’s transmission is to reduce density and maximize social distance,”. “As rates of new infections continue to grow in other places, we’re taking additional steps to protect our team members and customers.”

It is observed in China that a lockdown, even though feels terrible, is the best way to contain this virus because if no one comes in contact with each other, the things will not spread as fast as they are happening at the moment. The company says that its stores will remain closed till March 27.

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