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Amazon rolls out Rivian vans in Germany, the first in Europe

You must be aware that the world is going towards a sustainable future and the best way to do that starts from e-commerce companies because of the fact that they deliver products to people’s doorsteps using vehicles with internal combustion engines that mostly use diesel which is known to be one of the biggest pollutants when it comes to fuel. Therefore, we have seen that bio fuels are starting to be used as well. However, the ultimate goal of almost all e-commerce companies is to use electric vehicles which are known to be the least polluting of all the vehicles.

Now, you might already know that Amazon has a contract with Rivian to change its entire fleet of delivery vehicles in the US meaning that in a short while from now, you will only see Rivian EV vehicles delivering Amazon products. It is now known that Amazon plans to bring its Rivian EV vehicles to European countries as well. Today, Amazon has announced that it will bring its Rivian vehicles to Europe starting with Germany. Amazon said that “300 electric vans will hit the roads in the Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf regions as part of a 100,000-vehicle order it made in 2019 from Rivian”.

It is also to be kept in mind that the Rivian vehicles which are used in the US will not be brought to Europe because of the fact that the US roads are much wider compared to the streets of Europe, which are quite narrow in comparison. Therefore, Amazon says the European Rivian EVs will be “specially-designed shorter, thinner van”. It is also known that the company has “committed more than 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) to electrifying its fleet in Europe, with 400 million euros of that allocated to Germany”. At the moment, it is known that Amazon has 3000 Rivian vans delivering its packages across the US but it says that the plan is to add 100,000 Rivians to its fleet globally by 2030 that will deliver across all parts of the world. Now, we also know that Rivian has decided to remove the exclusivity clause from its contract with Amazon and it will now deliver vans to other e-commerce companies as well.

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