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Amazon harmed competing operators in the e-commerce logistics service

Italian antitrust regulators fined Amazon 1.13 billion euros on Thursday for harming its market noteworthiness. The AGCM or Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato noted that Amazon had damaged competing regulators in the e-commerce logistics service.

It assumed that Amazon supported its powerful role in motivating dealers on Amazon. It is to utilize its own e-commerce logistics service FBA. Amazon did it to the liability of the logistics services provided by competing regulators. And Amazon also did it to enhance its own powerful position.

AGCM states that it will assess corrective actions. A monitoring trustee will subject e-commerce logistics service to review. Amazon noted that it strongly opposes the fine, and it intends to appeal. The remedies and proposed fine are disproportionate and gratuitous.

Amazon noted more than 50% of all yearly deals on its outlet in Italy come from medium and small-sized industries. Amazon also added that their achievement is important to Amazon’s industry model. Medium and small-sized businesses have many channels to trade their items both offline and online.

As per Amazon spokesperson, Amazon is just one of those choices. He also added that they continuously subsidize to support the development of the 18,000 Italian SMBs that trade on Amazon. They offer many devices to their e-commerce logistics service, including those who operate shipments themselves.

The problem for supporters is that the Italian penalty could imply a wider movement. The trend is operating Amazon more greatly in other portions of its industry. Amin also states that this issue is delightful because the European Commission began its own investigation into this process.

However, it carved Italy out of the expanse of the inquiry to enable Italy’s antitrust guard to continue on its own value. Commonly the European Commission is very agreeable in its strategy. Elsewhere, operators in China are getting tough on e-commerce logistics service giant Alibaba while Latin American operators are choosing Mercado Libre.


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