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Amazon claims to be using AI to deliver packages faster this holiday season

We know that there have been a lot of e-commerce companies out there but the one that has made its mark in the industry and keeps innovating every day is Amazon and we can tell you that the brakes are still not applied at the company after change of CEO in the last few years. Because it has been revealed that this holiday season is extra-special for Amazon as this is the first time that the company is using AI to deliver parcels faster and more efficiently.

Amazon’s Scot Hamilton says that “Cyber Monday is our Super Bowl, and we’ve been training for months”. “AI helps us with everything we do leading up to this day and on the day itself. It is meant to be something you don’t see or feel, but it’s as critical as oxygen. When you don’t realize it’s there, that means it’s working perfectly.” He adds that “Our list shows how AI touches every part of the customer journey, starting from a personalized Amazon homepage to a package sorted by a robot, all the way to the delivery driver dropping it off.”

It is revealed that “Well before a customer clicks to purchase their item, Amazon’s Supply Chain Optimization Technology (SCOT) is already at work. SCOT helps forecast demand for more than 400 million products each day, using deep learning and massive datasets to decide which products to stock in which quantities at which Amazon facility, while coordinating inventory shipments from millions of sellers worldwide.”

Amazon’s chief technologist for robotics says, “There’s a lot of volume that happens during the holiday season, particularly Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we want to make sure that we’ve dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’ when it comes to meeting customer demand”. It is revealed that “Once items are packaged and labeled, Amazon employees get help from a robot called “Robin.” Robin helps sort packages before they get loaded in a truck and eventually end up at a delivery station—the last stop for a package before it gets to a customer’s doorstep. Robin uses its AI-enhanced vision system to understand what objects are there—different-sized boxes, soft packages, and envelopes on top of each other.”

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