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Amazon brings e-commerce to Prime Video with a ‘Gen V’ related merch shop

We know that a lot, in fact most of them, e-commerce companies have started offering some sort of e-commerce experience on social media apps as well and it is also worth noting that they have been testing the live shopping trend as well. It is worth noting that the popularity of social media e-commerce in Southeast Asia is such that even Apple couldn’t stop itself from making their live commerce store running in those parts of the world while the trend is catching up in the US as well and TikTok Shop’s launch will only make it even more popular.

Talking about the one company that was still behind in this sector, it was Amazon. Now, we can tell you that even Amazon has joined in on this and have started their own live commerce page with the help of their new series known as “Gen V” which is also similar to their popular series “The Boys”. It is worth noting that right now, Amazon is only selling merch related to these two series on their online stores but we know that they are testing this for a wider rollout as they already mentioned that this experience will come for other series’ as well.

Amazon said that “The new experience will extend the worlds of Prime Video titles creating convenient, culturally rich environments for customers to discover, learn, experience, and consume more of their favorite stories,” and this “360 experience also includes an interactive campus map, information about the superhero statues in the quad, an “orientation” video at the student union, and locations like Vought-a-Burger, dorm rooms, and soon, Dean Shetty’s office”. Obviously, the experience will not be limited to “Gen V” and will expand for other popular Amazon series and films. For those of you who don’t know, “Gen V” is a young adult superhero series and spin-off of “The Boys” which became particularly famous because of the meme groups all around the world. We can also say that there is a marketing hand also involved in making those titles famous and it is extremely difficult to find out if those memes were organic or not which was not the case just a few years back.

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