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Adidas has put its best shoe forward with digital payments

When you possess the best digital payment solutions, everything is possible. Adidas’s digital payments director Marko Ivanovic made a statement. He said that Adidas being an athletic and footwear brand, is getting stronger in terms of sales. It is taking place both online and at stores with a personalized payment solution.

The team behind Adidas loves their app and the consumers. These digital tools are the weapon to enhance customer satisfaction and revenue generation. It also improves focus on customer requirements. At present, it is focusing on a consumer-first approach both in-store and online.

For the past decade, Adidas is into BNPL (Buy Now, Pay later). However, it is all set to launch a new concept in Australia. The brand offered a regional BNPL type. It started in Austria and Germany.

It has a powerful impact in terms of conversion rates. In some nations, without BNPL, you cannot move forward. It is because the customers are in genuine need of these options. It applies more to the younger generation.

The brand sees how cultural and regional differences work in installment payments across the globe. AT present, a one-size-fits-all solution is impossible.

Certain customer groups are there that prefer certain BNPL options. It is driving customer satisfaction, revenue, and conversion. It is driving changes to how brands present payment options at the checkout. The brand is putting more emphasis on personalization.

The brand has started to show its customers the best payment method. This move keeps the checkout speed intact. The brand is putting efforts into understanding its customers.

More people are shifting to mobile devices. So, the brand is offering multiple payment options, such as WeChat Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Also, it has launched PayPal in physical outlets.

It makes sure that customer satisfaction is intact. The brand has introduced the latest risk management provider working with the latest technologies. It makes use of AI, ML, fingerprint mechanisms, and algorithms to eliminate manual efforts. The approval rates are higher than ever.


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