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A startup named Deliverr raises $40 million funding for ultra-fast eCommerce delivery

One of the main advantages that Amazon has right now in the e-commerce industry is its two-day delivery promise which has been unmatched by various competitors from a long time. The people who want their parcels faster than others have been ordering from Amazon because of the fact that their couriers will come in just 48 hours from the date of order despite the fact that they have ordered it from miles away. This is because Amazon has been working in the industry from years and has sorted all the logistics and warehouse dependencies and can do this two-day delivery with ease.

Also, Amazon has been offering a one-day delivery as well as same-day delivery too but the two-day delivery from Amazon is standard. Now, a startup named Deliverr has emerged which offers help to e-commerce companies, apart from Amazon too, to let them deliver their products with two-day assurance.

As per the official statement from Deliverr CEO, “What we enable a merchant to do is offer free two-day delivery anywhere they sell, whether it’s Walmart, eBay, even Amazon, because we integrate into Prime or their own website,” Now, the startup has announced that they have raised a $40 million Series C round of funding which will help them achieve their targets quicker.

The most interesting part about Deliverr, however, is that they don’t own a single delivery truck or warehouse but they still help companies ship and deliver faster. Now, they do this with the help of data and algorithms.

Basically, Deliverr uses the warehouses that are already established and use their free space to store products in that space and deliver from there so the product delivery gets much faster. Also, the shipping will be handled by the warehouse management system too so these products will also be delivered by the trucks that deliver the original warehouse packages.

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