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8 Best Mobile POS Systems for Small Businesses in 2023

If you are running a small business, then a POS system is going to be an ideal option for the proper organizing of your business. A point of sale hardware enables the r card reading with a smartphone or any other android device, which makes it easier to monitor the selling process.

Besides that, POS enables the tracking of inventory, store customer data, and system integration, which is essential for elevating the store and business managing strategy. It comes in the form of a mobile or a web application. To leverage the small businesses with the limitation of the transaction along with the free POS systems works in the best way. Here are the 8 best mobile POS systems or your small business in 2021 that you can pick for scaling your business.

8 Best Mobile POS Systems for Small Businesses in 2021

1) Square POS

Square POS is one of the most reckoned POS systems, which comes with a variety of options for scaling your small business.  This is one of the most used PO systems in retail locations for shopping. The POS system is popular for its highly flexible features and functionalities. Moreover, it comes with any devices along with the POS system without any need for buying extra hardware.

Square comes as the best option for free online stores and the shopping cart integration you are looking for selling online. Square comes with no monthly fee, and at the same time, it includes a very flat rate for the processing rate of 2.6% + $0.10 for each transaction. Square is the best option to lower your business risks. Square comes with the free magstripe card reader opinion. You can also purchase the EMV/ NFC reader a low const for enabling the ability for the chip card accepting.

You can also opt for the Square proprietary hardware like Square terminal or the Square Register. However, Square Terminal is the better one to opt for if you have a mobile reader. The Square register also includes a variety of features like a customer-facing display when you are plugged in.

Key Features:

  • Free mobile POS app for portable devices
  • Flat rate processing
  • Multiple features
  • Various hardware options

2) Clover

Clover is a mobile android based POS hardware solution that comes with various options like Clover go, Clover Flex, Clover mini. The Clover Mini comes with a large number of full features for the POS solution. Clover comes with the customizable plug- and – play POS, which is well- featured for the small business and quick- service.

Clover also supports well for full-size restaurants and service-based businesses.  The Clover mini costs$ 749 along with the line- bust sell. Also, it comes as a good option for the brick- and- mortar stores along with the data plan. Clover, at the same time, syncs up with the compatible Clover hardware devices.

Clover, at the same time, goes as the closest solution for the mobile syncing up along with your cell phone. On the other hand, the Clover Flex is a smart soluti$ 0.10 in-person processing.  The $ 10000/ month comes as the fully recharged plan for the counter services. Also, you can add various Clover features by adding simple purchasing apps using extensive Clover.

Key Features:

  • Mixed mobile hardware
  • Variety of payment processors
  • Features from the Clover app store

3) Toast

Toast comes as an android base mobile POS with all in one custom-built for the small businesses. The core software of Toast works for cloud-based reporting, management of menu, and the display system for the kitchen. Toast is a great option for small restaurants.

Toast comes with various social- distancing related digital ordering and payment features. At the same time, it also comes in handy for the contactless delivery system, online ordering, QR payment code, and eGift card support, which enables the restaurant customers to easily pay using their mobile phone.

You can opt for the digital ordering suite without the help of any extra hardware or POS system. Toast is a highly mobile-friendly app.  It comes with the custom-built handheld point for the Toast Go to sell the device, which allows the server to use it for the orders and payments from the floor area. In the case of kiosks and terminals, Toast comes with guest-facing displays.

Toast, therefore, offers a commercial-grade Elo I – series with the touch screen along with multiple factors.  If you are going to start a small restaurant, then this one is a great option. However, you need to have hardware for running the Toast system. The pricing for Toast starts from $69/ month, which is quite an affordable option. Toast comes with an in – house payment processing option. POS does not go compatible with any kind of outside payment processor. To opt for Toast, you need to sign a multi-year processing agreement along with an early termination fee or ETF.

Key Features:

  • Restaurant grade android POS hardware
  • Comes with custom handheld ordering options
  • Point of sale devices
  • Easy contactless ordering and payment procedure

4) ShopKeep

ShopKeep is an iPad POS application that comes with a large variety of features for any kind of small quick-serve business types. If you are looking for a POS system for your restaurants, cafes, and bars along with the small retail, then ShopKeep is the best option to opt for.

ShopKeep comes with advanced back-end features along with raw ingredients for inventory management for the matrix inventory, retail sales, and restaurants. At the same time, it goes compatible with employee management.  ShopKeep is easy to run on the Clover POS hardware. Also, it goes as a better option for the Poynt Smart Terminals and Clover Flex.

Shopkeep comes with software packages that start at the monthly plan of $49. At the same time, it comes with various limited free plan offers.

POS can also be run on a smartphone. It also comes with easier options for monitoring the store along with the Shopkeep Pocket app on your mobile. The app comes with features like a virtual terminal that can be accessed and processed using an online credit card for payments. ShopKeep enables its users to accept the swipe, dipping, tapping of the credit cards at any place. It comes with the 4G signal or offline features. ShopKeep comes with the 2.5% + $0.10 pricing plan per month.

Key Features:

  • Outside processor compatibility
  • iPad, Clover, and point running capability
  • Retail or quick-serve service
  • Limited free plan and budget-friendly paid plans

5) Loyverse

Loyverse works as free mobile POS software. It lets you manage multiple location-based stores. At the same time, it gives small businesses the mobility to send various digital receipts, incorporate discounts, accept payments through credit card using an integration along with the credit card processor. It also comes with the work offline features.

Loyverse comes with features for customers, employment, and inventory management. At the same time, it enables the users with the sales analytics along with the option for instituting a loyalty program for customers. However, Loyverse does not go much compatible with any other software.

The processing rate on Loyverse depends on the business you are running. It easily works on any kind of smartphone or tablet and iPhone. Moreover, it offers printed and electronic receipts based on the preference of the customer. Loyverse goes compatible with a variety of payment methods. You can also issue open tickets by creating, saving, and editing orders using Loyverse.

It comes with item modifiers and a cash management system, which helps in variously scaling a small business. Loyverse can also work by scanning and weighing barcodes. You can pick a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer as the supported hardware for Loyeverse. You can easily manage your multiple location store using one account. The customer display comes with the order information for the customers using a separate digital display.

Key Features:

  • Mobile device compatible POS system
  • Multiple payment method compatibilities
  • Easy refund processing
  • Work offline
  • It comes with a dark theme

6) Lightspeed

The Lightspeed retail comes as the compatible POS system for iPad apps along with plenty of features. The extensive features of Lightspeed include advanced reporting, integrated eCommerce, managing the inventories, store credit item buying and reselling in bulk and individual manner.

The exclusive features also include order purchasing, CRM, employee management, capability with multi-store, etc. You can install Litespeed on any of your iPad to manage the payment for your employees from the sales floor. It comes with the showing of the customer and product image along with the description. At the same time, it reduces the time for waiting.

Lightspeed comes with a monthly fee that starts at $ 69. Lightspeed Is quite easy as a retail POS application. However, it is quite expensive. You can also use it for the desktop and computer setup along with a web browser.

Lightspeed offers the users the in-house Lightspeed payment processing service along with the EMV /NFC – capable payment methods and terminals. The standard rate is 2.6% + $0.10. However, the deal is not that good for higher-volume retail stores. Lightspeed also comes with the capability to go compatible with the multiple integrating processors, which includes Tyro, Worldline, Cayan, etc.

Key Features:

  • Retail POS with advanced integration
  • iPad and desktop compatible
  • E-commerce feature
  • Proper reporting

7) Vend

Vend world as a web-based retail POS for iPad. The POS system is quite easy to use. You can use this POS for running it on any kind of desktop and web browser. Vend comes with various features that are essential for managing and scaling your small business. It comes with features like inventory management, loyalty-building, and customer management.

It is easy to register with an iPad and comes with customization friendly quick keys. You can easily put items on the layaway, enabling the gift card-accepting features. It lets you connect with the customer’s loyalty account.

Vend, therefore, adds up to a mobile barcode and scanner app. It also comes with the iPhone and android smartphone-compatible barcode scanner. The pricing for Vend starts at a rate of $ 99/ month. You can also opt for a fourth $129/ month Pro plan for unleashing the advanced features, which includes gift cards, promotions, advanced reporting, etc. Vend comes with a free limited plan. The free limited plan consists the 10 active products. If you have a casual small business for selling a few items, then the limited free plan is enough for you.

The vendor does not come with any kind of built-in eCommerce. However, you can use it for eCommerce using third party eCommerce providers.

Key Features:

  • iPhone, android compatible POS system
  • Limited free plan
  • Variety of integrated payment processors
  • Works with a variety of web browsers

8) Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce software provider, and at the same time, it works as an efficient POS for enabling integrated payment services. Shopify comes with features for upgrading and maintaining business growth. Shopify is quite versatile as you can use it for mobile devices on your laptop.

Shopify comes with an array of pricing plans. The entry-level service plan of Shopify starts with $ 9 / month and allows access to the POS system. It also includes invoicing and various limited online tools for selling.

For your small online business and in-person sales, Shopify offers the proper service along with free software. Shopify Lite is also an ideal option if you are having a brick and mortar store or the retails.

The processing fee, along with the Shopify POS system, is 2.7 %. However, you can also upgrade it for larger package plans to unlock advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Portable POS system for the smartphone
  • Small retail and moving business management compatible
  • Buy button for selling on the blog website.


Small businesses are not anymore a matter of headache when you have the right POS system along with you. A POS system not only increases the mobility and functionality of your store but at the same time enables you to go with various opportunities. To grow your small business into a large one, pick a POS that gives you better flexibility in store and business.

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