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40% of Belgium’s online customers shop from same 3 stores: Report

There is a very interesting report that has come to our notice regarding the trends and behaviors of e-commerce or online shoppers in Belgium that we thought we would share with you all as well. You must have seen, wherever you are, that there are a lot of e-commerce players in the market but there are some big ones as well that you prefer to shop from as they are trusted and deliver your products on time. For example, in the US people prefer to shop from Amazon as they give the best value and provide fast delivery as well.

However, the data of how many customers choose to shop from the same brands is a very interesting one. This report from Belgium reveals that online shoppers in the country prefer to go to their trusted online stores such as Amazon to purchase items. The report reveals that “Nine out of ten Belgians between the ages of 18 and 70 bought something online at least once last year”. According to the survey, “At least 33 percent of Belgian consumers say that they have one online store they always use to purchase a certain product online. Another 40 percent return to the same three online stores”.

Interestingly, “50% of Belgian consumers shop on marketplaces like and Amazon,” which means that half of the customer base in Belgium is already taken by these brands. The survey also reveals an interesting behavior about the Belgians stating that “79 percent said that they had placed a previous order in the same online store” which tells you that when the customer is satisfied with a particular store, they don’t look elsewhere at least in Belgium.

Another very interesting stat is that Belgians don’t like to create an account in order to shop online, as 1 in 3 people from the survey revealed that they dislike having to create an online account. The data also reveals the fact that “At least 34 percent said that they cancel their purchase if they are required to make an account. And 71 percent expects to be rewarded in the form of discounts or loyalty points for creating a login”.

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