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18 Best Marketplaces for Handmade Goods

Handmade goods are the most valued products in the marketplace. However, it is pretty tricky to sell your handmade goods in any market places unless you are knocking on the marketplaces for handmade goods. This is why you need to pick a marketplace that gives you a better reach to people looking for it.

Finding the potential customer community who wants to buy handmade goods can be tricky unless you switch to the right platform. However, merchants, especially those selling handmade items, do not need to worry much as there are specialized marketplaces for selling those particular products.

Suppose you want to unleash the better opportunities for your merchant-ship with the most target audiences, then switch to the apt marketplaces that help in better ways. Here are the 18 best handmade marketplaces that you need to know if you are planning to sell your handmade goods on an efficient platform:

1. Etsy

Etsy; One of the Best Marketplaces for Handmade Goods

Etsy is the most reckoned marketplace for handmade goods for craftspeople and artists to start a successful merchant-ship. This platform boasts the selling of all handmade crafts online. Etsy lets you sell vintage goods, handmade crafts, and other craft-related supplies, reaching out to many customers.

Etsy gives you the flexibility to sell quickly with a free account. You only need to pay a small number of fees for listing at $0.2 per listing (from December 2022) and a particular percentage of 5% for each of the sales you are getting on this platform. Moreover, the platform allows you to sell products from all categories. The community is quite active and efficient on Etsy.

2. Folksy

Folksy; online craft marketplace

Folksy is another very efficient platform for selling all your handmade goods online. This craft marketplace strives to connect you directly with the customers. Thus, reaching out to your target audience and potential buyers is pretty helpful.

The Folksy offers you four general categories for selling your goods. It comes with the categories of jewelry and clothing, along with art supplies. Thus the platform comes with a variety of item types and designer-specific stores. The directory is exceptionally clean and simple to use. Also, it lets you sell at a meager percentage of payment which is quite good and efficient for kick-starting your merchandise for handmade products.

3. Cratejoy


Cratejoy is an efficient platform for the subscription of products and one of the most popular marketplaces for handmade goods. Cratejoy offers a better platform for your conductive for recurring purchase-related products. For leveraging your merchandise in selling handmade goods, the best thing you can do is reach out to customers who are willing to buy. And Cratejoy does this for you.

It comes with a marketplace along with custom stores. Using customer management tools, you can easily customize your subscribers’ experience along with advanced shipping options and renewal options. It allows you to build a highly responsive custom website suitable for integrating multiple apps. The online handmade marketplace comes with very reasonable pricing, with 11.25 % for each transaction.

4. Spoonflower

Spoonflower; online craft marketplace

Spoonflower is a renowned marketplace connecting merchants with consumers to buy designer, handmade creative products. The marketplace is more than just a selling handmade items platform. It comes with various digital printing technology, eco-friendly scalable, and sustainable production of handmade products.

The online artisan marketplace knows how to value your efforts. Thus it lets you sell handmade items and works like wallpapers, fabrics, home goods, and other products. Therefore, it exposes you to a large number of customers who are looking for your creation. You need to agree with the retail price for the products set by Spoonflower. You can earn 10-15 percent from the sale.

5. World Wide Arts Resources

World Wide Arts Resources

Wwar.com and Absolutearts.com present the World Wide Art Resources, which works as an efficient platform for both emerging and established artists to sell and promote their handmade artisans. The venue boasts a significant selling opportunity for your handmade products so that you can stay on the verge of success along with your merchandise steps.

This one of the most popular marketplaces for handmade goods lets you start your own free and premium website along with Absolutearts.com. It comes with various tools to go for the promotion of your portfolio on the site. Besides that, the platform and Absolutearts.com let you go for the weekly international distribution of your art information related to the subscriber base. The pricing is quite fair for the users. For the free account, you can sell up to 20 pieces of handmade goods. The premium account comes with the $55 pricing range per year. The sales commissions are coming with the tires.

6. Storenvy


Storenvy is an efficient platform for all small businesses and indie brands to sell products here. The platform works with efficiency in opening up opportunities for small merchants with indie brands. Storenvy lets the merchants sell through the custom stores in the respective online artisan marketplace.

The market stands different from any other marketplace as it works as a social network area for shopping. The members of the community can vote for their favorite products. The more votes your products get, the more your business will get with the exposure in the feed, search results, and category pages. The free online market for crafts lets you list up to 1000 products, while there is also a premium plan for selling. With the premium plan, you can sell with plans starting from $9.99 per month. It also charges a 15% commission on sales that you make via the platform.

7. Zibbet


Zibbet is one of the ideal marketplaces for handmade goods for all aspiring merchants who want to sell their creative handcrafted goods. The marketplace allows the various makers, artists, and entrepreneurs who wish to unleash barriers of merchandising with their innovative creations. It also allows you to sell on other channels that are easier to manage.

Every time you make a sale using the Zibbet marketplace, the inventory numbers come with auto-updating in real-time, along with all your connecting selling channels. Selling on Zibbet is an efficient option as it does not cost you a good amount of fee. The price starts at $6 per month, per sales channel.

8. ArtFire


Artfire works as an online market for crafts and handmade goods sellers. On this handmade-sale dedicated platform, you can quickly sell any items for craft supplies, vintage design items, fine art materials, maker-made media, and art items.

The ArtFire includes plans that include easy access to the online craft marketplace for selling in a customizable shop. Therefore, the platform enables you with a live customer service chat and another marketing tool to switch to a robust customer experience building. The forum started as a large jewelry supply company for eBay.

Now it is a noteworthy marketplace for merchants who care about growing their businesses. ArtFire pricing starts with a $4.95 per month fee plus a $0.23 listing fee per item that you put on the site. You also have to pay a 12.75% fee for the final selling price of the item, only payable if the item sells.

9. Handmade at Amazon

Handmade at Amazon

Amazon superbly allows all the merchants out there. This is why they come with their Handmade store, which is efficient enough to sell at a big market. You can quickly sell all your handmade products in the Handmade amazon store. Moreover, Amazon comes with a heap of instructions that tell you what and how to add to your account as it gets approved.

Moreover, the platform makes it easier for your products to find a better place in the market, along with the Artisan profile with a custom URL. This is to make it easier for your customers to find your shop.

You can quickly ship your orders with the Fulfillment option offered by Amazon to ease the entire selling process. You need to pay a fair amount to sell your products on Handmade. Create and list your products on this platform for free. You will need to pay 15% per transaction made.

10. Shopify


Are you a crafty entrepreneur? Then Shopify has something great to offer you as one of the most significant marketplaces for handmade goods. Shopify world is one of the most popular marketplaces for creating an online store and getting a custom domain and website design for selling your handmade items. The platform is very easy for us without any nice design knowledge to create a website.

The website goes perfectly for mobile and desktop optimization. There are more than 100 store themes that you can pick to kick start your handmade item selling. At the same time, Shopify provides resources to support the artisans to sell the products at a fair price. It costs you 2.9 %, along with 30 cents for online transactions.

You need to pay 2% of the final sales for a third-party payment system. Shopify offers you a shipping label and shipping costs to let you make a good savings.

The basic plan starts at $29 per month. The regular Shopify account is $79 each month. For an advanced version, you need to pay $299. Also, there is Shopify Lite for $9 per month.

11. Volusion


The Volusion marketplace is quite impressive if you plan to start selling your handmade products here. This one of the most efficient marketplaces for handmade goods is quite similar to Shopify, which lets you sell various products. Volusion enables you to use its resources to create a custom domain website. Moreover, the website is excellently responsive so that you can better reach your customers with this platform from any device.

Volusion comes with various resources to ease your listing of products. Thus other activities like payment processing and order processing also quickly happen. Besides that, the platform gives you 24×7 access to eCommerce experts and your subscription plan. The pricing is also much more compact for having accounts on Volusion.

The plus account needs to pay $35 to list 1000 products. The mini version comes with $15 per month for listing 100 products. Moreover, you can switch to the pro account with the $75 for listing 10000 products. Also, there are options for an unlimited listing of your b for $135 per month.

12. iCraftGifts


For the marketplaces for handmade goods seekers, the iCraftGifts is the best place to switch to. The platform allows sellers to sell only crafts, art, and fashion items. Also, the platform lets you create custom products for the customers. It is pretty easy to set up a store here and start selling.

The platform gives you seamless access to various marketing-related services, massage brands, community blogs, and craft and art events. iCraftGifts claims no fees for listing or transactions. However, it comes with the restriction of reviewing all the submitted products to ensure it meets all the values and criteria of the site.

You can quickly sign up with this site for $5 per month for one year with 50 products. The $10 plan with the professional account lets you list up to 100 products. For the Elite account, you need to pay $15 per month. The all-time registration fee comes with the $25 pricing.



eCrater brings all the sellers and purchasers to one place. Besides being a website store builder, it also serves as an online marketplace. Not only does it allows you to register it for free, but also, customizable online stores can be created. You can easily access the community forum, where you can get in touch with the buyers, meet with fellow sellers, and learn about their experiences.

You get 100% of the sales you bring in, and only a 2.9% fee is charged by eCrater in case the platform brings you deals through its central marketplace. If you are a purchaser looking for handmade items, the charter is the right place because you can search through millions of products in distinct categories.

14. RebelsMarket


If your products are unique and robust, and you are finding for an excellent place to sell those creative handmade products, do not look further. RebelsMarket is one of the best online marketplaces to sell handcrafted items. It has sellers all around the globe. When your application to open a store is approved, there are no setup or listing fees, and you have no contract to maintain your store temporarily.

RebelsMarket specializes in rebellious, edgy, and unique styles. And it will hardly take 5 minutes to set up an online store. Also, it makes things easier in terms of accepting payment. You will need to pay a $39 one-time fee after signing up. And RebelsMarket charges a 15% fee to the sellers on every sale.

15. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is one of the most extensively curated marketplaces for vintage items, jewelry, antiques, arts, and more. Ruby Lane allows every seller to access Google Analytics data, enables them to use Skype for interacting with the customers, and permits the sellers to use 3rd party marketing tools. The best thing about Ruby Lane is its secret shopper program. If the experience of the participant fails to meet the marketplace standards, Ruby lane itself gets in touch with the seller with recommendations and feedback.

Ruby Lane never comes up with any listing fees, but it charges a maintenance fee that depends on the number of items listed for sale. Also, it has a service charge of 6.7%.

16. Zazzle


If you are dealing with handmade items like mugs, t-shirts, and others, then Zazzle is for you. It is one of the most popular print-on-demand marketplaces for products. It allows designers to make products with independent manufacturers and use imageries by partner companies such as Hallmark and Disney. Zazzle’s powerful features make it a rock-solid online marketplace for the sellers and buyers of handmade products.

You can make your store on this platform to sell your items or sell through other members lying on the forum. Zazzle is free to use because there ate no annual, monthly, weekly, or daily fees. You need to pay for the base products when the customers purchase from you. Zazzle deducts the base price, and you receive the remaining profit.

17. Aftcra


Aftcra somehow functions like Etsy and is exclusive to those people who manufacture and want to sell their handmade items. Aftcra is a strict marketplace, and your product needs to fit the requirements of what Aftcra considers a handmade item. But as soon as you are approved, you can start selling on Aftcrs almost immediately.

The platform allows the artisans to expand their reach and will enable them to get connected to people across the globe.

Aftcra does not charge any fees for setting up an online store, and there is nothing you need to pay to list your handmade products for sale. However, this platform charges a 7% transaction fee on every sale you make; the remaining money is what you earn.

18. Society6


If you are an artist looking for a platform to sell your work, consider Society6. It gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. You need to become a verified platform member to get paid for your sales. You can quickly post your artwork on this platform and generate a handsome profit. Also, you can create your t-shirts and laptop skins and make them available for sale on Society6.

Society6 allows artists and sellers to establish an online marketplace for showcasing and selling their artworks. You need to pay a 10% fee to Society6 on all your sales, and the remaining 90% belongs to you. Both experienced and newbie can sell their item to people across the globe.


Selling at the right marketplace gives you a better reach towards your target audience, which is essential to create your own identity in the vast handmade marketplace. Switch to the marketplaces mentioned above for handmade products to start with your creative entrepreneurship. The platforms efficiently address the right people, give you better results with your selling, and give your creative ideas a wing to reach out to their desired branches. Pick the right marketplaces for handmade goods to fulfill your dream.

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