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12 Marketplaces to Sell Digital Downloads in 2021

There is no limit for the market places which are best for selling digital downloads. A large variety of eCommerce platforms are available for the merchants and the creators of digitally downloadable products. Starting with an online business is easier with the right kind of tools that lets you sell your products as per your wish. Opting for selling the digital downloads in the right marketplace lets you invite more cash flow in your business. Here are trending 12 marketplaces to sell the digital downloads in 2021 that you can use:

1. Sellfy

SellfySellfy is a quite simple and easy marketplace that offers a much effective solution for selling digital products on your website. The e-commerce platform comes with a very innovative and smart solution for promoting the products as it opts for a social media program to enhance the sales.

The platform comes with more than 60000 unique and creative creators who are selling their products successfully on the platform. Besides that, the platform is giving them many better opportunities for earning money with better revenues.

The most popular items that the users sell here are eBooks, comic books, music content, and videos. But the most popular item here is the design items, which are found in the range of more than 150000 of the unique items available for selling.

Here is what you are going to unleash with Sellfy:

  • Allows your customer to opt for fair pricing of the products offered by you.
  • Lets you add seasonal discounts, offers, coupon codes to strengthen your strategy for selling.
  • You can use the upselling for the additional discounted products before the purchasing made by your customers.
  • The built-in email marketing tool allows growing the sales in a more effective way.

2. EasyDigitalDownloads

Easy Digital DownloadsWordPress comes with their popular selling platform EasyDigitalDownloads, where they allow the creators to sell digital downloads. Apart from being one of the most popular sites for blogging, WordPress opened its eCommerce platform for digital products to help the creators have more organic growth.

The well-organized eCommerce selling platform lets you easily sell your digital downloads through WordPress blogging. The full-fledged eCommerce solution for digital products allows the merchants to have a very easy and light plugin. It comes with a straightforward feature which is easy and simple to use.

Here is what you are going to get with the platform:

  • Easy to create discount codes on your product to encourage the customers to opt for more purchases. You can also apply the flat or the percentage rate for the discounts with the necessary settings.
  • EasyDigitalDownloads allows you to have full access to the shopping cart system so that your customers can purchase the multiple ranges of downloads.
  • The files come with the restriction and authorizations for the customers. Also, there is no need for configurations. You can easily set the limit for the file downloads.
  • There is no range of limitations for distributing digital products.
  • It lets you allow your customers to create the account page for a personalized shopping experience.
  • Merchants can easily track and monitor the download activities of the customers.
  • EasyDigitalDownloads allow you to view the stats, custom reports, and much more essential data for your business.

3. Shopify

ShopifyShopify is a well-known platform as it offers a very supportive solution for eCommerce and social eCommerce. It also features a straightforward shopping option along with the single click-to-buy buttons for easy selling of the digital products on a larger platform.

To make the experience of partnership with Shopify much easier, it provides a free trial and sees the results to see if you will perform well or not. There is a full customization option, along with the effective measurements for the directory of paid and free plugins so that you can take the full leverage of the platform.

Here is what you get while opting for using Shopify as a platform for the selling of your digital products:

  • A well organized online store with a responsive and customizable design without any high-end skill. You can have complete control over your selling of the digital products along with the multiple customized layouts, themes, and colors.
  • Along with its business with more than 1000000 businesses worldwide, it allows you to have very well-controlled marketing and payments for secure shipping and checkout
  • You can start selling with Shopify anywhere with a low pricing rate of $29/month.

4. E-junkie

E-junkieE-junkie is quite popular for being one of the significant platforms for selling digital marketing products quite easily. You can easily start selling here with the flat monthly fee for the platform service. It is quite popular for the creative world like books, digital items, themes, graphic works, etc.

The platform manages everything with much ease. As soon as the user finishes a purchase from the platform, it verifies the validity and instantly lets the user download the file.

It also comes with an affiliate platform to help you with earning more in a very strategic way. Here is what you are going to get with the E-junkie:

  • Instant download of the files and the codes after the successful payment for a very secure digital delivery.
  • For increasing the sales and inventory, there are affiliate programs with sign-up links.
  • Stamp or trademark of the buyer’s name email and the transaction ID on the PDF downloads for the ebooks’ copyright protection.
  • Customizable shopping cart to allow your customers to have multiple purchases.

5. FastSpring

FastSpringFastSpring can be a very innovative solution for you if you are looking for a better platform that allows you to have many impressive online sales. The platform is quite powerful with its elevating capabilities of your sales.

The solution manages the selling part with much ease as it includes global subscriptions, payments, brands, checkouts, and the 3rd party integrations. You can use this platform with WordPress, Facebook with your name to create an impact. Moreover, it comes with a demo session to help the newsies gain the first-hand experience before entering the marketplace.

Here’s how you can get the opportunities with the Fastspring, as it lets you to:

  • Increase the revenue with a powerful design for your software company. It offers branded and localized checkouts with the customized language, currency, pricing, and payment method.
  • Boost efficiency with instant access to the latest innovations in shopping and eCommerce.
  • Eliminates the risk through proper up-to-date security and privacy.

6. FetchApp

FetchAppIt is a very well-organized and to-the-point digital download management platform compared to any other one available in the marketplace listing. The FetchApp makes it easy to sell and manage digital products within the range of files, documents, artwork, and graphic formats.

It is quite easy to sell your products on this platform through the low-cost pricing rate. The most important part about this marketplace is it lets you sell for free for the 5 MB of storage space. And as the storage grows, the price increases as per $5 or $10 for the necessary increase.

Here is what FetchApp offers to you:

  • Easy selling and digital delivery of all the downloadable goods.
  • Seamless integration for popular products with the widely used payment methods- Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce.
  • Allows the user to automate the delivery for the customers without any need for installing or downloading anything.
  • Hosts the files with proper security with the necessary measurements.

7. PayLoadz

PayLoadzAs a popular shopping platform for over a decade, more than 200000  sellers sell their innovative items quite successfully. PayLoadz helps with the launch of your own sales page within a short time.

You can easily sell any photograph, logo, concept, ebook, video game, or downloadable digital product. PayLoadz easily converts to increase sales. It comes with the following features for the users:

  • Increase of the sales with the high-end strategic services in the very first-month of availing the service.
  • You can easily track the downloads using a complex algorithm to provide the proper security to your products.
  • Multiple payment systems with credit cards, debit cards ACHtansfers, checks for easy sales-driving, and conversion.
  • You can easily sell anywhere digitally with the platform.
  • Support more than 190 countries and over 20 currencies for international service.
  • Supports the eBay auctions for the digital goods, along with the affiliate system for the proper management of the product promotions.

8. CMSmart

CMSmartCMSmart is an ideal option to start if you are an aspiring seller to sell items with management systems like Virtuemart and Magneto. It comes with the tailors and caters to serve the specific kind of audience properly. CMSmart is much easier to create and complete the sales for digital products.

It enables you to use the platform by ensuring that your customers are going to find your products quite easily. Moreover, their search engine marketing technique offers a very high ranking along with the use of the keywords to get the targeted audience.

Here is how CMSmart helps you:

  • Better quality leading performance to grow your sales with ease.
  • Provides the entire solution for the niches and the industries.
  • Comes with multiple extensions that you can use as add-ons.
  • Flexible payment system to scale up your business in the right way.
  • Private customization for all your projects to add more weight to your online appearance.

9. Selz

SelzSelz is a very effective marketing solution for your digital good. It works as a very well-known selling platform that offers a very good integration of the website designs and choices. Along with Selz, you can easily create a very attractive store along with the “ Buy” button on your site and the social profile with the better management of your customers.

The pricing module in Selz starts for free. It gives you the option for the enlisting of the product, which is going to come with the 5% of the success fee charge for each item. The professional plan comes with only $27 fees for each month.

With Selz, you can easily:

  • Sell your products everywhere by creating a website with an easy-to-use store builder. You can also sell from any of your existing websites, marketplaces, and social media.
  • You can easily promote your business effectively within your budget. The Built-in-tools help in creating, managing, and optimizing the advertising campaigns on the social media platform.
  • You can sell all your eBooks, courses, software, videos, apps, templates, and many other digital products with better sales performance.

10. Simple Goods

Simple GoodsJust like its name, it is very easy to use as an effective marketplace for digital goods. There are one-click buttons that you can use to purchase the widgets created for your product. The platform is much easier to use as it comes with very straightforward features without any unnecessary ones to focus on what you need easily.

You can easily use this marketplace for:

  • Working with any websites to sell your digital products.
  • Built-in file delivery and payment structure to have an easy growth of your sales with a better growth rate.
  • There is no need for codes to organize your marketplace and start selling.

 11. Sellwire

SellwireIf you are looking for a simple selling platform to make your journey smooth as a beginner, this platform can be ideal for you.

It comes with better options for file management, better tracking of orders, and multiple promotional offers.

Sellwire comes with insightful reports to give you a better idea of how your products are performing in the marketplace. Payment systems like Stripe and PayPal go compatible with it so that you can have an extra added security on your payments.

Here are the features that Sellwire offers to its users:

  • The platform is very easy to use to opt for the simple marketing of all your digital goods with a better sales percentage.
  • Smart reporting and order tracking gives you a better insight into your selling process.
  • Payment methods are very easy to master with proper security and straight bank transfer.

12. Envato Market

Envato MarketEnvato Market is a huge platform for selling all the digital goods to get a better revenue rate than any other marketplace. Envato’s database comes with more than 5000000 innovative products to allow the customers to build their idea within a few minutes.

Here’s what you get from the Envato Market:

  • Most of the popular themes create a very attractive digital appearance to impress your customers.
  • Clear documentation and theme support for easing out the selling experience and enhancing the user’s interaction with the business.
  • Ensured better quality of the creators and the items to earn better money by selling with interesting impact.


Your ideas for opting towards the selling of digital goods may not land properly if you are not using the right marketplace that suits your type and needs. Choosing the best marketplace thus adds a very fast motion to your sales with better opportunities within a very short period. The above-mentioned marketplaces are quite popular to start a very impressive journey with your digital products in the coming financial year.

Alf Alferez

Author: Alf Alferez

Dedicated writer with a strong track record of developing customer loyalty and managing general office operations. Enjoy being a part of a company where my skills and creative ideas will benefit the overall productivity of the organization. I have a strong desire to work in helping make the world a better place. Please reach out to me on [email protected]

Alf Alferez
Dedicated writer with a strong track record of developing customer loyalty and managing general office operations. Enjoy being a part of a company where my skills and creative ideas will benefit the overall productivity of the organization. I have a strong desire to work in helping make the world a better place. Please reach out to me on [email protected]

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